Thank you for visiting my site Feld Notes, hosted by Micro.blog! Like many others, I used free social networking platforms very happily for years, largely unaware of the ridiculous behaviour that was going on behind the scenes.

Feld Notes is now my replacement for Facebook and Instagram (with occasional cross-posting to Twitter). I use this site to share quick thoughts and photos, along with casual discussion with other Micro.blog users. You can visit my archive to find all posts in a list or browse by category.

To learn more about how I use Micro.blog, check out episode 53 of the Micro Monday podcast. Host Jean MacDonald kindly had me on the show to discuss how I engage with the service.

If you’d like to connect on Twitter, you’ll find me there with two accounts: @martinfeld, which is my personal profile; and @LoungeRuminator, which is a dedicated feed for my longer articles and blog pieces. My Mastodon-compatible username is @martinfeld@feldnotes.com.

Martin Feld @martinfeld