Feld Notes

People mock HomePod for apparently being an overpriced non-bestseller but it’s honestly one of the best things that I’ve ever bought. Using two as a stereo pair with Apple TV makes the experience even better.

I gave my iPhone to Natasha to check out the Mac Pro AR demo and she did this. Once she handed it back to me, she said, ‘This is how I see you’.

I’m sure that Kurt Cobain would have been thrilled with this.

Now this is a useful notification! Great show

Star Wars: Identities at the Powerhouse Museum

The crowds were ridiculous but I managed to take people-free photos. Phew…

As usual, Sydney’s Vivid Festival was seriously crowded but really beautiful.

I got to use CarPlay for the first time today and I thought that this would be a good way to test it. A great episode! 🙂 It was great to hear @siracusa’s happiness. @liss @marco

With this, Siri has proven its usefulness and understanding of my needs.

These two will sit happily on your shoulder for ages.

Obscura 2 for iOS has some really nice filters. Everything always looks quite other-worldly, without being too harsh.

I’m trying to take my writing more seriously and get it out there a bit more. 😀 You can now view Lounge Ruminator on Apple News and Twitter!

These cute animals certainly enjoyed their breakfast this morning. As usual, the guinea pigs devoured it all very quickly and the budgies knocked most of theirs over.

Eight years ago, I was a strange one. No shame.

The votes are in!

This cockatoo doesn’t care about the election either.

Sleepy ducks couldn’t give a stuff about the election today.

Beautiful Audley in the Royal National Park

Friends in the park!

Besides the fact that there should be a hyphen, this sounds like quite an aggressive device.

Rogue and Rio are getting used to their new play centre!

Natasha is a talented photographer; whenever I approach butterflies, they fly away.

Natasha and I stopped at Coffika at Ikea for a fika (Swedish for ‘break’) and my goodness, the coffee was good. The Swedes know what they’re doing. Here are two IKEA-endorsed people enjoying a traditional fika, hopefully with exactly seven biscuits, as prescribed.

Ahhh, Coca-Cola… you’re missing a hyphen here. How else would we enjoy ice, other than cold?

So much for airport security! Whilst on free Wi-Fi at Brisbane Airport today, I noticed that I could stream to different Apple TVs from my iPad. I was tempted to share my podcast with others!

I do enjoy walking past this plane at Illawarra Regional Airport.

Quick thoughts and photos