Feld Notes

02 Jul 2022

I have no idea what’s happening but it’s interesting enough. 😂

02 Jul 2022

Hangin’ with Johnny Farnham for the 90-year ABC special on Rage. Mac is loving it, of course. 😂

22 Jun 2022

Here is an advanced example of critical public discourse about the earlier privatisation of Australia’s largest telecommunications provider. 📞💸

Graffiti on a Telstra phone booth

13 Jun 2022

A lovely morning in Kiama with @NTKF, @jodiefeld, Mum and Mac ☀️

05 Jun 2022

Last night, @NTKF and I watched The Bob’s Burgers Movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. Funnily enough, they screened it in this dedicated kids’ cinema, with a little playground down the front. You can bet that we went down the slide and did some mini-parkour after the movie. 😂

27 May 2022

If I’m ever in a bit of a funk or need some form of distraction, this is one of the best songs. Not to mention this one… basically anything by The Whitlams.

21 May 2022

Enjoying a post-voting democracy sausage on election day with @NTKF, baby Mac and Pappou Dionisios! ❤️🌭

19 May 2022

As we bid adieu to iPod, here’s my little collection shelf at home; discover more (along with other topics) on episode 058 of @HemisphericViews. 🎵🙂

17 May 2022

Woohoo! The wild cherry tomatoes have returned to Nyrang Park. Whoever keeps trying to remove the vine is failing to defeat nature. 👍

16 May 2022

As Bob Dylan sang, 🎵 …and I just grew tangled up in balloons! 🎵

16 May 2022

Night mode continues to impress.

07 May 2022

A lovely Saturday morning visit to Nan Tien Temple and Institute

07 May 2022

This new rug on the wall should reduce echo in our study and therefore improve my end of the recordings for @HemisphericViews! 🙂 An awesome find by @NTKF ❤️

23 Apr 2022

Silliness at the HARS Aviation Museum

09 Apr 2022

Rainy Keira Street

26 Mar 2022

Raindrops on a spider's web with a blurred garden in the background

25 Mar 2022

If you listen to Hemispheric Views, then you’ll know that this speaker is one of my most prized possessions. 🎵 I hardly ever remove the front cover, but it needed a clean today, so here we are. Now I’m just staring at it.

iPod Hi-Fi with modified black iPod Video (128 GB) playing ‘Let Down’ by Radiohead

12 Mar 2022

'An Eye for an Ear' at Micro Camp March 2022

I had the pleasure of giving a video presentation online at Micro Camp March 2022, titled ‘An Eye for an Ear’. Micro Ca...
11 Mar 2022

I am pleased to share that we have successfully set a trap for those who leave junk mail.

05 Mar 2022

Nothin’ like buying donuts with @NTKF in a random industrial car park from a food van that has both a waving Australian flag and Down Under blarin’ from the speakers…

04 Feb 2022

The Matrix Resurrections: a Counter-review in Bullet Points

This post was originally a very long reply that I inflicted upon poor Fabio Russo, so I’ve posted it here as a sep...
26 Jan 2022

Surprise Matrix Birthday Party!

I must extend a huge THANK YOU to the wonderful @NTKF, who coordinated a surprise Matrix-themed 30th birthday party with...
23 Jan 2022

Jurassic Park is just down the road from our house. 🦕🦖

15 Jan 2022

Lang’s Corner in Wollongong may be gone but it’s interesting to see a new building rising from street level and being reflected in other buildings. Our (once low) skyline has changed quite a bit over the past few years. 🏙

10 Jan 2022

Mac meets the uni ducks!