Feld Notes

23 Sep 2022

The Whitlams close with Royal in the Afternoon and (You’re Making Me Feel Like) I’m 50 Again at Anita’s Theatre in Thirroul.

A band of four plays on-stage with audience members in the foreground.

21 Sep 2022

My song of the year: A Drawing-Down of Blinds (Orchestral Session) by Rob Dougan

20 Sep 2022

Footpath training ❤️

A mother and young child hold hands while walking along a footpath, with their backs to the camera.

19 Sep 2022

It’s time to hear from @lmika on Really Specific Stories! 🎙 In this episode, Leon outlines how he became an Apple user and a podcast listener, while explaining his musical experience and his microblogging motivation. Listen today. 🎧 🔊

Orange-and-white podcast artwork with an RSS icon and the name Leon Mika underneath it

12 Sep 2022

In his element!

A baby exploring a kids' bookshelf at a library

10 Sep 2022

Now that’s a smart speaker.

An umbrella propped up over a Bose speaker outside

05 Sep 2022

Yesterday was Mac’s first visit to an Apple Store! He loved the Today at Apple area; at the time it was essentially a deserted playground of crates and balls for him to crawl through and push around. 😂

Thanks to @NTKF for taking the photo and for a lovely Fathers’ Day.

Martin holds Mac while standing in front of an Apple Store, with the company logo and display tables visible in the background

02 Sep 2022

This time on Really Specific Stories, I’m joined by @danielpunkass! Daniel narrates his experience as co-producer of the Core Intuition podcast, asserts the importance of feeds online and considers his own exhibition of personas across the Web. Listen now. 🔊 🎧

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28 Aug 2022

It’s great that our neighbour puts so much effort into the garden alongside our shared driveway, so that I can just take photos of the flowers.

28 Aug 2022

At the playground

A baby through hazy mesh on play equipment

28 Aug 2022

Car parks are a blight on our world.

A wide-angle shot that shows a rough road surface in the lower half of the picture and buildings, a crane and the sky in the distance

23 Aug 2022

On the latest episode of Really Specific Stories, I’m joined by @manton!

Manton recalls his earliest podcasting experiments, then shares his personal experiences in co-producing the Core Intuition podcast and developing tools for the open Web. Listen now. 🔊

21 Aug 2022


Wollongong City Council car park and admin building in black and white, with a major piece of bird street art

20 Aug 2022

Awaiting Max Richter’s Four Seasons Recomposed by the Sydney Symphony!

Audience files into the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall

16 Aug 2022


A bus-stop sign with cracking paint and the line number 'S9'

15 Aug 2022

Overlooking Wollongong from Mt. Keira

A leafy escarpment and city meet the sea with a blue sky overhead

14 Aug 2022

Mount Keira

A road going down a hill, with a mountain and blue sky overhead

14 Aug 2022

Exploring Baba’s yard

A baby climbing stairs under trees

13 Aug 2022

Glósóli excerpt

12 Aug 2022

Musical perfection—enjoying Sigur Rós in Sydney with @jodiefeld

08 Aug 2022

This time on Really Specific Stories, I chat with @jean!

Jean recalls her extensive history of podcast listening and production; along the way, she covers her work in technology and online community management and her interest in productivity and sci-fi. Listen now. 🎙

Orange RSS podcast artwork with the name 'Jean MacDonald'

07 Aug 2022

Around town

04 Aug 2022

A male king parrot in the macadamia tree next to our balcony 🦜

02 Aug 2022

Turbo Mac up the corridor ❤️

01 Aug 2022

In today’s episode of Really Specific Stories, I chat with @furstenberg!

Michael recounts his early podcast consumption, expands on his music fandom and offers a Norwegian perspective on US-centric tech discussion. Listen now. 🎙