Feld Notes

Apr 2024

Father and Son

Two shadows stretch across a suburban footpath.

Mar 2024

After several years, it was fantastic to see The Cat Empire perform again—this time, at Taronga Zoo in Sydney!

Looking over a crowd of people waiting for a concert, with a stage and the city of Sydney in the backgroundTrees in the foreground and the city of Sydney in the distanceThe Cat Empire perform with a vibrant, purple lighting displayThe Cat Empire members leave their normal instruments to gather and play a collection of drums, photographed in black and white.

Feb 2024

Enjoying Wollongong with Mac on a gorgeous Sunday

A toddler with a Dorothy the Dinosaur hat stands in front of murals at Wollongong Art GalleryThe Tasman Sea, City of Wollongong and Illawarra Escarpment on a bright dayA toddler with a Dorothy the Dinosaur hat sits on a park bench in front of the lighthouse on Flagstaff Hill.A toddler with a Dorothy the Dinosaur hat looks at a rock wall and the ocean.

Jan 2024

The most glorious day at Port Kembla Beach

Water splashing from behind a breaking waveOverlooking Port Kembla Beach and the Tasman Sea from a viewing platform, with a toddler in the foregroundA toddler walks through a low tide.

Jan 2024

Skate park adventures!

A young boy rides a trike into a half pipe.Looking down the length of an old viewing platform at a young boy observing people below

Jan 2024

Godzilla Minus One = awesome! An engaging storyline, excellent effects and characters that you actually care about 👌 💯

Jan 2024

We enjoyed visiting Sydney Aquarium today, despite the numerous idiots who got in the way as they looked at every exhibit through their phones. Some even live-streamed the whole venue to their friends…

Silhouettes of people from behind as they look at a tank of illuminated jellyfishLooking up at a shark swimming overheadA group of penguins swimming underwaterA mother and son walking through a tunnel surrounded by water.Looking over a toddler's shoulder at a tank with a shark and sting rayA close-up of a shark's head and sharp teethAn adult little penguin

Jan 2024

Just saw Next Goal Wins! Such a fun movie… Taika Waititi never disappoints.

Dec 2023

Reaching the end of 2023, I reflect on how grateful I am for my wonderful family. Little Mac is my everyday highlight.

A toddler riding a scooter on a footpath

Dec 2023

We Felds had a marvellous Christmas Day, including an awesome lunch and banoffee pie by my mum, fantastic multi-layered chocolate cake by @NTKF and a visit from Stumpy the King Parrot (a regular recipient of seeds).

Stumpy the King Parrot eating seeds on a wooden railingA close-up of Stumpy the King ParrotFood roasting in an oven A blurred Christmas tree in a lounge roomA Christmas lunch spread on a kitchen benchA tall chocolate cake, banoffee pie and fruit platter

Dec 2023

WOWEE Christmas lights!

A toddler enjoys colourful Christmas lights.

Dec 2023

The fibre-optic Christmas tree is up!

Macro shot of fibre-optics on a Christmas tree, with purple up the top

Dec 2023

Get me an exit!

A young boy wears a spiky, green helmet in a phone booth.

Nov 2023

Checking out new Wonderwalls street artwork on Military Lane in Port Kembla

A toddler walks past a mural that features kangaroos.

Nov 2023

A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Wollongong Botanic Garden, underneath Mt. Keira (Geera)

A crowd of people watching actors on a lawn under gum trees, with a mountain in the distance

Nov 2023


A toddler’s blue eye

Nov 2023

A gorgeous day peach picking at Glenbernie Orchard (again) and bushwalking in Dharawal National Park 😀

A close-up of a peach hanging in a treeLooking up a river that's lined with gum trees and bushesOozing red tree sap in the sunshineA willy wagtail protects its nest.A rocky waterfall surrounded by gum trees

Nov 2023

Snoozin’ shark at the shops

A toddler’s shark shoe pokes out from underneath a blanket on a stroller.

Nov 2023

Something unexpected while waiting for chicken gyros… a Hillsong baptism at Wollongong Harbour

A person is dunked in water at a sheltered beach, with a rock wall in the background.

Nov 2023

If you’d have told me years ago that I’d be able to play the Catdog theme with a YouTube app on my watch for my giggling two-year-old son while he’s having a bath, I would never have believed you. What an age we live in! 😂

Nov 2023

A wonderful Sunday at the Greek Street Festival in Burwood, Sydney! The food and music were excellent and it was hilarious to watch people play a combined game of Tetris and Jenga with the rubbish bins. 😂

A crowd of people at a street festivalAn outdoor stage with Greek musicians and people dancing on the floorA man walks away from overflowing bin and a row of Greek flags on a fence.

Nov 2023

Carvin’ up the uni

A toddler with a spiky green helmet stands next to a steel park bench.

Nov 2023


A toddler in swimmers steps onto the lower edge of a rock wall.

Nov 2023

Taking notice

A toddler closely examines tiny white flowers in a garden.

Oct 2023

Discovering tiny Star Wars characters at Cockington Green!

Looking over a toddler’s shoulder, past tulips towards little Star Wars figurines on very finely mown lawn