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Rumination No. 37: LinkedIn Tales of Love and Adversity on Lounge Ruminator

This will be a highlight of 2019: Bamboleo with André Reyes (of the Gipsy Kings) in Sydney.

The votes are in!

This cockatoo doesn’t care about the election either.

Sleepy ducks couldn’t give a stuff about the election today.

Beautiful Audley in the Royal National Park

In a recent episode of ATP, John had a bit of a Fergie moment from The Black Eyed Peas.

Friends in the park!

Besides the fact that there should be a hyphen, this sounds like quite an aggressive device.

Accessibility for Everyone on Lounge Ruminator

It’s fair to say that I was not caught up in royal baby fever last week. I do have some thoughts on Apple News though: The Royal Spotlight on Apple News on Lounge Ruminator.

It’s not often that they stay this still and behave for a video. Sorry for the bird-spamming!

Rogue and Rio are getting used to their new play centre!

Yes, yes and yes: It’s Time to Break up Facebook by Chris Hughes (The New York Times)

Some cockatoos were out for a little walk and a feed in MacCabe Park today. They crack me up with their screeching and waddling.

Natasha is a talented photographer; whenever I approach butterflies, they fly away.

Natasha and I stopped at Coffika at Ikea for a fika (Swedish for ‘break’) and my goodness, the coffee was good. The Swedes know what they’re doing. Here are two IKEA-endorsed people enjoying a traditional fika, hopefully with exactly seven biscuits, as prescribed.

Ahhh, Coca-Cola… you’re missing a hyphen here. How else would we enjoy ice, other than cold?

So much for airport security! Whilst on free Wi-Fi at Brisbane Airport today, I noticed that I could stream to different Apple TVs from my iPad. I was tempted to share my podcast with others!

I do enjoy walking past this plane at Illawarra Regional Airport.

Rumination No. 35: Hotel Literature on Lounge Ruminator

I could not agree more with what @marco had to say about big podcasts on the latest ATP. People suggest shows to me every so often and they always feel scripted and overproduced. I want to hear genuine conversation.

Wollongong Harbour on a wonderfully sunny day!

Check out my quick review of the film Carmen and Lola on Lounge Ruminator.

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