Feld Notes

I’ve noticed a number of American shows that poke fun at Canada—Australians do the same thing unfairly to New Zealanders—but can any Americans here tell me what the US finds amusing about Boxing Day?

Here’s my shortest film review ever: Toy Story 4 is brilliant.

Six years with this very special woman! 😍 Natasha has the best sense of humour and can be seen here during our dinner out, giving the thumbs up to gendered straw distribution.

I was asked by an old colleague to translate a medical report for her dad, who has pneumonia whilst travelling in Germany. As written in the document, the somewhat accusatory German description of his Exnikotinabusus (former nicotine abuse) rather than ’ex-smoker’ is priceless.

Natasha posted a photo of Coco the Pepsi on Facebook’s Potatoes with Legs group, however we though it best to share it with the good people of Micro.blog too. F8808EC2-DDBC-4D25-BF66-839ED497A439.jpg

Paco and Coco’s Sunday breakfast fun!

Rare Australian trolleys spotted in their native habitat 1F196C98-9FEF-4167-8525-D4B19D1E9909.jpg

Gelato Messina Appreciation Class

Natasha and I had a fantastic morning at Gelato Messina HQ in Rosebery, Sydney, which included a behind-the-scenes tour of the factory kitchen and freezers, as well as recipe demos and a tasting. These people are super-passionate about their ingredients, with their own dairy, fruit and nut farms! It’s easily the best gelato in Australia. (This is not a paid ad; I just really like gelato.)

Now this is an amusing way to charge one’s Apple Pencil.

Whilst I don’t have video, here is photographic evidence for @macgenie that I did indeed participate in The Sound of Music tour in Salzburg, along with Reiseführer Gunther. 😄

I’ve never had a nickname but today, after talking about typefaces at length, a colleague called me ‘Fontzy’. I can run with that.

I’ve never drunk coffee purely for the rush, however the act of simply delaying the hot beverage to later in the morning does a lot to lift my energy and spirits. My poor colleagues…

Natasha brought some ruby chocolate home for me to try for the first time. That stuff is delicious; it’s almost like chocolate mixed with fruit, without being sickly.

These two cuties never cease to entertain me.

People mock HomePod for apparently being an overpriced non-bestseller but it’s honestly one of the best things that I’ve ever bought. Using two as a stereo pair with Apple TV makes the experience even better.

I gave my iPhone to Natasha to check out the Mac Pro AR demo and she did this. Once she handed it back to me, she said, ‘This is how I see you’.

I’m sure that Kurt Cobain would have been thrilled with this.

Now this is a useful notification! Great show

Challenging Three Apple Myths on Lounge Ruminator

Star Wars: Identities at the Powerhouse Museum

The crowds were ridiculous but I managed to take people-free photos. Phew…

As usual, Sydney’s Vivid Festival was seriously crowded but really beautiful.

I got to use CarPlay for the first time today and I thought that this would be a good way to test it. A great episode! 🙂 It was great to hear @siracusa’s happiness. @liss @marco

Now that was an impressive keynote. With all of the changes, particularly the shift to a more powerful iPadOS, new SwiftUI and Project Catalyst, I’m looking forward to a lot more positivity in reporting on Apple. They’ve never been bigger and there are many people to please.

With this, Siri has proven its usefulness and understanding of my needs.

This Micro Monday, check out @renem for his great photos.

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