Feld Notes

24 Mar 2023

Friday afternoon housework means a return to order… but chaos returns quickly.

A kid's toys, books and mini-lounge on and around a coffee table, overlooking a balcony and trees

22 Mar 2023

John Wick: Chapter 4 = pure entertainment

16 Mar 2023

An excellent selection from the Lifeline Book Fair today 📚

A stack of books on Star Wars, Blade Runner and 007

12 Mar 2023


Books and toys strewn across the floor of a lounge room

10 Mar 2023


mbmar 9

iPods and books on a shelf

09 Mar 2023

A walk to clear the mind

mbmar 8

A concrete path through a leafy park with overhanging eucalypts

07 Mar 2023

Trees make me whole.

mbmar 7

Looking up at eucalyptus branches with many leaves

06 Mar 2023

This fine bit of whale engineering spins around on the floor and shoots water through its head when placed in a bath, all while playing something that sounds like a Balkan gypsy song.

mbmar 6

A hand holding a plastic whale toy

05 Mar 2023

Not a tile to be seen on this roof

mbmar 5

05 Mar 2023

Throwing rocks

04 Mar 2023

Chicko’s is an Illawarra institution; they’re so efficient there that you just zip through the line.

mbmar 4

A giant sign that says Chicko's, displaying a disembodied chicken head with a chef's hat

03 Mar 2023

Solitude in the sky

mbmar 3

A parachutist among clouds

02 Mar 2023

Perfect weather for an evening trike ride

mbmar 2

01 Mar 2023

Changing passwords to make things more secure

mbmar 1

A piece of paper with text scribbled out with pen in the lower corner.

26 Feb 2023

Making the most of the sunshine today

25 Feb 2023

Upon arriving home, I was greeted by Rocky, who asked me sternly, ‘So, where have you been?’

25 Feb 2023

In addition to my family, of course, the thing that I miss when away from Australia is ubiquitous eucalyptus. It’s good to be home.

25 Feb 2023

A gorgeous day on the Maungakiekie / One Tree Hill, overlooking Auckland in Aotearoa New Zealand

22 Feb 2023

Slow-motion sparks at the VRU at New Zealand Steel in Glenbrook, Aotearoa

18 Feb 2023

The street where I grew up ❤️

A road stretches over a crest into the distance, withparked cars to the right and overhanging eucalypts.

17 Feb 2023

Getting set up at the Sunset Cinema in Wollongong Botanic Garden!

15 Feb 2023

Fun with bubbles in the driveway today, courtesy of @NTKF

A yellow bubble machine in the shape of a bee sits on a brick retaining wall and spits bubbles out of its mouth.

14 Feb 2023

How a nerd makes his desk at the office more fun

13 Feb 2023

More of a destruction site than a construction site… 😂

IMG 5228

10 Feb 2023

I’m not that old, really, but I remember using these encyclopaedias on my parents’ bookshelf for occasional fact-checking when I was in primary school. The only reason to pick these up now is nostalgia.