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More often than not, marketing goes a bit too far. Rumination 53: Needless Storytellers on Lounge Ruminator

I bumped into an old friend briefly in Sydney.

Approaching the greatest building in the world…

Photo challenge by @macgenie (day ten): this is how friends enjoy a pigloo together.

Check out this great piece of writing on writing by Dr. Kate Bowles on her site Music for Deckchairs. I’m sure that Microbloggers will find it relatable, as we’re all here because we enjoy writing and perhaps find that other online spaces and workplaces can restrict it. 📝

These two flew next to the door where we normally put their wooden play equipment and patiently waited for us to put it there. It was most cute.

Clearly I talk about Apple, podcasts and Apple podcasts too much: Natasha came home with this for me, saying that she was keen to teach her students paper-weaving and decided to do her own Snell-inspired Six Colors design. It is now proudly displayed on the fridge.

Rumination 52: Overstated Minimalism on Lounge Ruminator

Photo challenge by @macgenie (day seven): feel a sense of relief, you will.

Since interacting with people on Micro.blog, I feel like my view has broadened, as I’ve seen posts from genuine people who hold different views and interests. It’s about seeing the whole tree… Rumination 51: Fabricating/Inventing on Lounge Ruminator

Here’s my oldest friend, Evan, killing it on keyboard with local band The Tornadoes. You’ll notice that he’s the youngest by several decades. They’re lucky to have him. 🎵

Photo challenge by @macgenie (day four): family is without a doubt the most important thing in my life. Here’s one of my favourite photos of my Baba Penka and Dedo Petar from a few years ago, before he passed away. He would never say no to a classic box of Napolitanke wafers.

I often find myself feeling a bit unsettled in moments where I’m doing nothing. It’s nice to do nothing but I then start to feel like I should be doing something. Does anyone else on Micro.blog have this same kind of restless Western brain?

Photo challenge by @macgenie (day three): lunchtime for guinea pigs is also relaxation time—often smushed behind your friend in the corner, away from the food.

Photo challenge by @macgenie (day one): waiting for your runaway guinea pig to leave a tight spot requires patience. (Taken by Natasha)

Here’s another Harbour shot from yesterday in Wollongong.

A gorgeous day at Belmore Basin in Wollongong

I still enjoy Twitter to a degree, however I’ve found that Micro.blog is where I prefer to have conversations and post anything quick that isn’t for loungeruminator.net. With that in mind, I’ve started cross-posting from Micro.blog to Twitter. Let’s see how it goes.

We watched episode 11 (S3) of The Handmaid’s Tale on SBS On Demand last night. Wow… that was some excellent television (or content or streaming or whatever we’re supposed to call it these days). 📺

I don’t normally have things set up this way at work, however I realised that I have three Mac keyboards at my desk. The history of decreasing travel visualised! 👨🏽‍💻

Empty roundabout in Port Kembla

Rumination No. 49: Centring Is Overrated on Lounge Ruminator

I love Sydney but I found a satirical piece that makes a good point about the place. Read more in Rumination No. 48: Republic of Sydney on Lounge Ruminator.

I don’t have kids but I agree with this article from NPR about how to be a responsible parent in the digital age.

Remembering iBook: the ‘iMac to Go’ on Lounge Ruminator

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