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2019-11-20: I agree with what Dan Moren has to say about autocorrect on sixcolors.com; I’d love to be able to …

2019-11-18: During a trip to the shops, @NTKF and I were excited to test the new Logi Ergonomic Mango.

2019-11-16: It has been a few days since I was on Micro.blog—too busy to think about it—which felt strange, now …

2019-11-16: The jacaranda tree at the front of our place is looking absolutely beautiful now that we’re in …

2019-11-12: Domestic cacophony

2019-11-09: When Belgian and Australian culture collide… (It’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own.)

2019-11-09: An awesome day at the Viva la Gong festival with @NTKF, featuring Sera’s delicious corn, soul …

2019-11-09: I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: any good Saturday morning must feature Rage on ABC TV.

2019-11-08: I get to use this photographic monster at work today. Woo!

2019-11-07: A great show tonight by Alex Lahey at Wollongong UniBar! Naturally her song Don’t Be So Hard on …

2019-11-06: I am impressed by For All Mankind and will be sticking with it.

2019-11-06: Rumination 57: Subconscious Ferrari on Lounge Ruminator

2019-11-03: Check out the second episode of my Lounge Ruminator podcast, It’s Complicated, in which I discuss …

2019-11-03: I could sit to watch these two for hours. 🥰🐤🐦

2019-11-03: In the last week, I have seen three different Tesla Model 3 vehicles in Wollongong and I am very …

2019-11-02: We got to meet this little cutie today! Meet Juliette, my aunt’s new puppy. 🐶 She likes to drink …

2019-11-01: Football in the library!

2019-11-01: Before going out for coffee this morning with @NTKF, I decided to wash our KeepCups. During the …

2019-11-01: It didn’t take me long to think of something to say for mbnov today: in typical fashion, I forgot my …

2019-10-31: Shot of an iPhone 11 Pro billboard with the telephoto lens of an iPhone 11 Pro

2019-10-31: My hopes are high for the show For All Mankind on Apple TV+ this week. Is anyone else looking …

2019-10-29: With the announcement of AirPods Pro, I feel like we need to establish some sort of ‘Apple …

2019-10-28: 4. Marrying Petar Penka shares her memories of marrying Petar and what it was like to live together in the family …

2019-10-27: We took our friends to the park for a grassy lunch.

2019-10-26: A beautiful day at Wollongong harbour with our lovely German friends visiting from Sydney

2019-10-25: Leafy car park building in Wollongong

2019-10-25: I’m really excited to see new music from Coldplay.

2019-10-25: Client Liaison performed another fantastic show at the Wollongong Uni Bar tonight. They’re hilarious …

2019-10-23: Inconsistent Whimsy on Lounge Ruminator

2019-10-23: I walked past these beautiful flowers during my lunchtime stroll at work today; the smell was …

2019-10-20: It was lovely to go to the most recent Lifeline Book Fair in Berkeley this morning with @NTKF. …

2019-10-19: Our cute friend, Rocky the cockatiel!

2019-10-18: Looking towards Darling Harbour and Tumbalong Park in Sydney

2019-10-18: Ultra-wide is great for plane stuff.

2019-10-16: A quick time-lapse video from the Illawarra to Melbourne

2019-10-14: Watching @NTKF play indoor hockey in Unanderra

2019-10-13: One of my younger cousins had his 16th birthday today. I’m not old by any means but whenever I see …

2019-10-12: My inner child burst out at the antique shop this morning and I couldn’t resist buying this old …

2019-10-12: Café 10 Vintage & Collectables in Port Kembla

2019-10-11: A nice afternoon stroll through Nyrang Park in Keiraville

2019-10-11: Pigeonfest! 🐦

2019-10-10: Civic Plaza in Wollongong CBD brings back lots of memories: I used to teach drama and have been to …

2019-10-09: PhD Study Journal: Entry 4 📝 Yesterday I had my first joint meeting with both of my supervisors, Dr. Kate Bowles and Dr. Chris …

2019-10-09: A little walk through Wollongong Botanic Garden

2019-10-08: It’s a tough life.

2019-10-08: It was a beautiful out on my mum’s back deck yesterday. The long weekend went way too quickly.

2019-10-07: A wondrous Monday morning in Keiraville! Thank goodness for the public holiday today…

2019-10-07: This Micro Monday, I encourage you to follow my lovely wife, Natasha (@NTKF). I hassled her for a …

2019-10-06: Hans Zimmer Live (again) at Sydney Olympic Park

2019-10-05: @NTKF and I saw Ad Astra tonight and my goodness, it’s a fantastic film. It had better receive some …

2019-10-04: Night mode in iOS 13 can certainly produce some really fascinating shots, like this one that I took …

2019-10-04: One of the best things about Natasha having school holidays at the moment is that she can send me …

2019-10-03: I’m very fortunate to have a place like this to walk through and sit around at lunchtime. (I thought …

2019-10-02: I do enjoy an apocalyptic, post-nuclear landscape shot every so often during my lunchtime walk.

2019-10-02: Rumination 56: Holy Synergy! on Lounge Ruminator

2019-10-01: PhD Study Journal: Entry 3 📝 Today’s post is less of an academic update and more of a technical one: iPadOS has already made a …

2019-10-01: Guinea pig saladfest with night mode!

2019-09-30: I’m not a huge Janet Jackson fan but the song Rhythm Nation is pretty cool on HomePod.

2019-09-28: Another visitor today!

2019-09-28: Whilst I was feeding the guinea pigs, this little parrot dropped by to say hello!

2019-09-27: Tonight was a great opportunity to test night mode with iPhone 11 Pro in Wollongong. I am most …

2019-09-27: Natasha took this lovely shot of Rogue and Rio and I had to share it.

2019-09-27: I’m pleased to share the first episode of my Lounge Ruminator podcast! To kick things off, I …

2019-09-26: Port Kembla in New South Wales, Australia

2019-09-25: Natasha shared this video with me, which is an auto-generated memory by her iOS Photos app. The …

2019-09-24: When I was still on my previous iPhone, I had a lot of difficulty deciding which of the models that …

2019-09-23: The lunchtime walk was particularly lovely at work today.

2019-09-22: 3. Meeting Petar Penka recalls when she first first met her late husband, Petar, and how the relationship progressed …

2019-09-22: Highways smack-bang through a city? That’s classic Sydney.

2019-09-22: Barangaroo

2019-09-21: George Street in Sydney has never looked so good.

2019-09-21: First ultra-wide-angle shot with iPhone 11 Pro! Yay Apple Store Sydney…

2019-09-18: Saladfest!

2019-09-18: Rumination No. 55: Would You Like Hyphens with That? on Lounge Ruminator

2019-09-16: PhD Study Journal: Entry 2 📝 I’m currently reading a fascinating book by renowned media ecologist Neil Postman, which is called …

2019-09-14: Coco loves his garden weeds!

2019-09-14: This big fluffer stood right next to us at the Giddy Goat café staring at us and people-watching. …

2019-09-13: Inspired by @burk, here are my favourites. I’m sure that I’ll think of more categories to add to the …

2019-09-13: Apple and Its Ever-changing, Unchanging Ecosystem on Lounge Ruminator

2019-09-13: As much as I enjoy the display of new products, there is much to agree with here about the way that …

2019-09-12: The weather was absolutely beautiful at MM Beach in Port Kembla this morning. I always feel grateful …

2019-09-11: I’m getting much better at the 3:00 am wake-up thing for live-streamed Apple events. Each time …

2019-09-11: The QuickTake moniker returns! 📱📸

2019-09-10: This is tangible evidence that the world is leaning more and more to the right.

2019-09-08: PhD Study Journal: Entry 1 📝 Wooo! I finally finished reading Mapping Media Ecology: Introduction to the Field, which is a …

2019-09-07: Figtree High School’s 50th Anniversary It was nostalgic and hilarious to go back to our local high school today, seeing historical …

2019-09-05: I’m super-pleased that my Feld Notes podcast is now available in Apple’s directory. It’s still a bit …

2019-09-04: It was worth buying a HomePod stereo pair just for Samskeyti by Sigur Rós.

2019-09-01: 2: Penka’s Childhood (Part 2) Continuing the discussion about her childhood, Penka describes her experience at school, troubles …

2019-09-01: Natasha bought some flowers today and we found a friend inside! 🐌

2019-09-01: 1: Penka’s Childhood (Part 1) In this first episode of Feld Notes, Martin speaks with his grandmother, Penka, about her memories …

2019-08-28: An invisible caller

2019-08-28: A Melbourne moment… hearing someone yell on the street, ‘I’ll add you on LinkedIn!’.

2019-08-28: I’m in Melbourne for work today and whenever I visit, I feel like it’s a bizarro version of Sydney …

2019-08-27: I recently stumbled upon this great photo of the suburb where I grew up, which is called Figtree. It …

2019-08-27: In my work, I have the pleasure of using ad campaign managers for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. …

2019-08-26: As Ace Ventura would say…

2019-08-25: After much preparation and communicating with supervisors, I finally get to start my part-time PhD. …

2019-08-25: Budgie feast!

2019-08-24: I managed to crush this milk bottle without leaking any of it!

2019-08-24: I love this sculpture at the University of Wollongong Library. Yay books! 📚

2019-08-23: ABC RN recently shared a fantastic new episode of its podcast The Philosopher’s Zone, called …

2019-08-21: More often than not, marketing goes a bit too far. Rumination 53: Needless Storytellers on Lounge …

2019-08-16: I bumped into an old friend briefly in Sydney.

2019-08-16: Approaching the greatest building in the world…

2019-08-15: Photo challenge by @macgenie (day ten): this is how friends enjoy a pigloo together.

2019-08-15: Check out this great piece of writing on writing by Dr. Kate Bowles on her site Music for …

2019-08-13: These two flew next to the door where we normally put their wooden play equipment and patiently …

2019-08-13: Clearly I talk about Apple, podcasts and Apple podcasts too much: Natasha came home with this for …

2019-08-12: Rumination 52: Overstated Minimalism on Lounge Ruminator

2019-08-11: Photo challenge by @macgenie (day seven): feel a sense of relief, you will.

2019-08-11: Since interacting with people on Micro.blog, I feel like my view has broadened, as I’ve seen posts …

2019-08-10: Here’s my oldest friend, Evan, killing it on keyboard with local band The Tornadoes. You’ll notice …

2019-08-08: Photo challenge by @macgenie (day four): family is without a doubt the most important thing in my …

2019-08-07: I often find myself feeling a bit unsettled in moments where I’m doing nothing. It’s nice to do …

2019-08-07: Photo challenge by @macgenie (day three): lunchtime for guinea pigs is also relaxation time—often …

2019-08-06: Photo challenge by @macgenie (day one): waiting for your runaway guinea pig to leave a tight spot …

2019-08-04: Here’s another Harbour shot from yesterday in Wollongong.

2019-08-03: A gorgeous day at Belmore Basin in Wollongong

2019-08-02: I still enjoy Twitter to a degree, however I’ve found that Micro.blog is where I prefer to …

2019-08-02: We watched episode 11 (S3) of The Handmaid’s Tale on SBS On Demand last night. Wow… …

2019-08-01: I don’t normally have things set up this way at work, however I realised that I have three Mac …

2019-07-31: Empty roundabout in Port Kembla

2019-07-31: Rumination No. 49: Centring Is Overrated on Lounge Ruminator

2019-07-29: I love Sydney but I found a satirical piece that makes a good point about the place. Read more in …

2019-07-29: I don’t have kids but I agree with this article from NPR about how to be a responsible parent in the …

2019-07-29: Remembering iBook: the ‘iMac to Go’ on Lounge Ruminator

2019-07-25: Important update! The pudding was delicious.

2019-07-25: Tonight we’ll be having our weekly dinner at my mum’s place and all that I can think …

2019-07-22: The show that I easily miss watching the most would have to be Battlestar Galactica. It really has …

2019-07-22: This ridgey-didge, ‘double-automatic’ Roache hand-dryer includes an illustrated …

2019-07-21: Oh, the irony…

2019-07-20: Greek-Italian time-lapse wedding dance video…

2019-07-20: I always feel a sense of sadness and nostalgia when I see the old, abandoned monorail stations in …

2019-07-20: Darling Harbour, Sydney

2019-07-16: It’s great when Natasha is on school holidays because she can meet me for lunch whilst I’m at …

2019-07-15: One of the benefits of being married to a primary school teacher is that she sometimes finds old …

2019-07-14: Mmmm… Kentucky Fried Handbags are fingerlickin’ good…

2019-07-13: I’m watching Natasha play hockey today and it is so windy that the clubhouse in which I’m standing …

2019-07-13: Strewth, mate… now that’s a bloody Aussie trophy cabinet. The broken shelf and dodgy doors? …

2019-07-10: I’m grateful to work with such supportive people. Still, the best thing to happen was being …

2019-07-10: That state of Australian news publications is most upsetting… Rumination No. 47: Hardly …

2019-07-06: The different bits of International Convention Centre Sydney

2019-07-04: Now all that I need is iPadOS and a mouse…

2019-07-04: Apple and the Cult of Personality on Lounge Ruminator

2019-06-30: Support Great Storytelling at ‘The Nib’ on Lounge Ruminator

2019-06-29: Paco and Coco enjoyed some grass at the park! (Excuse my slightly over-the-top Kath & Kim-esque …

2019-06-29: Illawarra hockey spray

2019-06-28: Let’s make every day a casual Friday: Rumination No. 44: Shorts at Work, Pls on Lounge …

2019-06-27: Micro.blog is certainly the place for me now, however I wanted to reflect on the mixed experience …

2019-06-27: I’ve noticed a number of American shows that poke fun at Canada—Australians do the same thing …

2019-06-27: Here’s my shortest film review ever: Toy Story 4 is brilliant.

2019-06-26: Six years with this very special woman! 😍 Natasha has the best sense of humour and can be seen here …

2019-06-26: I was asked by an old colleague to translate a medical report for her dad, who has pneumonia whilst …

2019-06-25: Natasha posted a photo of Coco the Pepsi on Facebook’s Potatoes with Legs group, however we though …

2019-06-23: Paco and Coco’s Sunday breakfast fun!

2019-06-22: Rare Australian trolleys spotted in their native habitat

2019-06-22: Gelato Messina Appreciation Class Natasha and I had a fantastic morning at Gelato Messina HQ in Rosebery, Sydney, which included a …

2019-06-21: Now this is an amusing way to charge one’s Apple Pencil.

2019-06-21: Whilst I don’t have video, here is photographic evidence for @macgenie that I did indeed participate …

2019-06-19: I’ve never had a nickname but today, after talking about typefaces at length, a colleague called me …

2019-06-19: I’ve never drunk coffee purely for the rush, however the act of simply delaying the hot beverage to …

2019-06-18: Natasha brought some ruby chocolate home for me to try for the first time. That stuff is delicious; …

2019-06-16: These two cuties never cease to entertain me.

2019-06-15: People mock HomePod for apparently being an overpriced non-bestseller but it’s honestly one of the …

2019-06-15: I gave my iPhone to Natasha to check out the Mac Pro AR demo and she did this. Once she handed it …

2019-06-15: I’m sure that Kurt Cobain would have been thrilled with this.

2019-06-13: Now this is a useful notification! Great show

2019-06-10: Challenging Three Apple Myths on Lounge Ruminator

2019-06-09: Star Wars: Identities at the Powerhouse Museum The crowds were ridiculous but I managed to take people-free photos. Phew…

2019-06-08: As usual, Sydney’s Vivid Festival was seriously crowded but really beautiful.

2019-06-04: I got to use CarPlay for the first time today and I thought that this would be a good way to test …

2019-06-04: Now that was an impressive keynote. With all of the changes, particularly the shift to a more …

2019-06-03: With this, Siri has proven its usefulness and understanding of my needs.

2019-06-03: This Micro Monday, check out @renem for his great photos.

2019-06-02: These two will sit happily on your shoulder for ages.

2019-06-01: watchOS Independence on Lounge Ruminator

2019-06-01: Reports of iTunes’s potential shutdown or break-up into separate apps has finally hit the mainstream …

2019-05-29: Obscura 2 for iOS has some really nice filters. Everything always looks quite other-worldly, without …

2019-05-29: Rumination No. 39: Behold the Catapostrophe! on Lounge Ruminator

2019-05-28: macOS ‘About’ Boxes on Lounge Ruminator

2019-05-25: What a lovely way to start a Saturday! I’m sitting with my Baba, watching Rage on her TV and …

2019-05-23: I’m trying to take my writing more seriously and get it out there a bit more. 😀 You can now …

2019-05-23: These cute animals certainly enjoyed their breakfast this morning. As usual, the guinea pigs …

2019-05-23: I’ve now been in my current job for a year. That’s hardly a huge milestone, however …

2019-05-22: Eight years ago, I was a strange one. No shame.

2019-05-21: The air-conditioning at work is down for the second day in a row, whilst they perform maintenance …

2019-05-20: Rumination No. 37: LinkedIn Tales of Love and Adversity on Lounge Ruminator

2019-05-19: This will be a highlight of 2019: Bamboleo with André Reyes (of the Gipsy Kings) in Sydney.

2019-05-18: The votes are in!

2019-05-18: This cockatoo doesn’t care about the election either.

2019-05-18: Sleepy ducks couldn’t give a stuff about the election today.

2019-05-18: Beautiful Audley in the Royal National Park

2019-05-18: In a recent episode of ATP, John had a bit of a Fergie moment from The Black Eyed Peas.

2019-05-17: Friends in the park!

2019-05-17: Besides the fact that there should be a hyphen, this sounds like quite an aggressive device.

2019-05-16: Accessibility for Everyone on Lounge Ruminator

2019-05-14: It’s fair to say that I was not caught up in royal baby fever last week. I do have some …

2019-05-12: It’s not often that they stay this still and behave for a video. Sorry for the bird-spamming!

2019-05-12: Rogue and Rio are getting used to their new play centre!

2019-05-10: Yes, yes and yes: It’s Time to Break up Facebook by Chris Hughes (The New York Times)

2019-05-10: Some cockatoos were out for a little walk and a feed in MacCabe Park today. They crack me up with …

2019-05-09: Natasha is a talented photographer; whenever I approach butterflies, they fly away.

2019-05-05: Natasha and I stopped at Coffika at Ikea for a fika (Swedish for ‘break’) and my goodness, the …

2019-05-05: Ahhh, Coca-Cola… you’re missing a hyphen here. How else would we enjoy ice, other than cold?

2019-05-02: So much for airport security! Whilst on free Wi-Fi at Brisbane Airport today, I noticed that I could …

2019-05-02: I do enjoy walking past this plane at Illawarra Regional Airport.

2019-05-02: Rumination No. 35: Hotel Literature on Lounge Ruminator

2019-05-01: I could not agree more with what @marco had to say about big podcasts on the latest ATP. People …

2019-04-28: Wollongong Harbour on a wonderfully sunny day!

2019-04-28: Check out my quick review of the film Carmen and Lola on Lounge Ruminator.

2019-04-27: Some thoughts on the significance of system branding… macOS 10.etc.etc. on Lounge Ruminator

2019-04-27: This arrived at my office earlier in the week, addressed to me, and I have no idea who sent it.

2019-04-26: I should have reached this milestone a long time ago but I’ve finally reached 100 posts on my blog …

2019-04-26: Have you received any annoying notifications from Apple Music recently? I have. Read more in Apple …

2019-04-25: ‘Boys with ALTITUDE!’ A post by @natashakandilas…

2019-04-25: Today I saw a young kid out with family, riding a scooter and wearing a large crucifix. I accept …

2019-04-25: Former Prime Minister (and regular buffoon) Tony Abbott was recently surprised by the seemingly new …

2019-04-24: During a trip to the vet yesterday, Natasha discovered that one of our budgies, Rogue, is in fact …

2019-04-23: The Easter long weekend is drawing to a close. It was fantastic to have the time to catch up with …

2019-04-22: Great billboard

2019-04-21: This is an annual tradition for me and Natasha. Palace Cinemas in Sydney has the best film …

2019-04-20: Like @macgenie’s guinea pigs, mine also enjoy sharing cucumber.

2019-04-19: Perfect weather in Wollongong today!

2019-04-19: Peak nerd: listening to Kyrie by Mr. Mister through the bedside-table iPod Hi-Fi (or ‘old HomePod’, …

2019-04-17: My Vote Compass 2019 results! Yay Australian politics

2019-04-17: A lovely sunset over Mt. Keira during the ride home

2019-04-16: A number of tech commentators believe that Apple should acquire Nintendo. I agree that this would be …

2019-04-15: For guinea pigs, this is truly the life.

2019-04-15: Australian lawnmower advertising

2019-04-14: I Want It All by Queen is one of my favourite songs to play on the HomePods. In contrast to other …

2019-04-14: Great success at the Dapto Markets with Natasha!

2019-04-13: Rumination No. 34: Barista in Beta – Lounge Ruminator

2019-04-12: The best view

2019-04-12: Daily Rumination No. 33: Takeaway on a Plate

2019-04-11: Hello there, Illawarra! It’s good to be home. 🏡

2019-04-11: See ya, Melbourne. 🌇👋🏼

2019-04-10: I’m away for work at the moment and have been thinking about the unusual experience of dining alone. …

2019-04-09: Some online commentators seemed confused about the purpose of Apple’s recent services event. I had a …

2019-04-09: Melbourne sky

2019-04-07: I was thrilled to spot a lyrebird in Morton National Park today! It sounded like various native …

2019-04-07: Bee in motion!

2019-04-06: 30-pin Stereo Syndrome is still a harsh reality for many.

2019-04-06: A lovely day in Kangaroo Valley 🦘

2019-04-05: Daily Rumination No. 30: Screenshots – Lounge Ruminator

2019-04-04: Easily one of the cutest movie characters

2019-04-03: I’ve concluded that certain people must think that I’m strange. Whenever I bring up …

2019-04-03: Sith bricks

2019-04-01: Daily Rumination No. 27: Instagram Is Dead (to Me) – Lounge Ruminator

2019-04-01: I deleted my Instagram account today and it feels great. The tipping point was being able to import …

2019-03-31: The tool for importing all Instagram photos into Micro.blog is brilliant. Now I just have to tidy up …

2019-03-31: Of course, a German is responsible for this great idea. Australia truly lacks vision sometimes. …

2019-03-31: It’s the 20th anniversary of The Matrix today! I wrote this last year and thought that it was …

2019-03-30: Slightly rainy Saturday mornings are the best mornings.

2019-03-30: Daily Rumination No. 24: The Value of British Humour – Lounge Ruminator

2019-03-29: I’m a big fan of the new, quirky Arthur’s Food Store on Wentworth Street in Port Kembla. I carry on …

2019-03-29: The same people in the office ask me frequently if I am experiencing computer and Internet issues at …

2019-03-28: I don’t miss commuting at all: Daily Rumination No. 23: The Productivity-in-Transit Lifestyle – …

2019-03-28: I can watch these two for ages. Animals live in the moment in a way that humans generally can’t …

2019-03-27: Here are my latest Daily Ruminations on Lounge Ruminator: Skype Etiquette; We’ve Golden Soil …

2019-03-26: It’s great to have Alien join me at my desk at work. Hopefully it will frighten anyone away who …

2019-03-26: I visited the Sydney office for a work event. It is a pretentious place and the coffee machine …

2019-03-25: This product name sounds like a mildly offensive instruction.

2019-03-25: It’s amusing to me when people at work say to me that twenty-somethings are entitled and way less …

2019-03-24: Daily Rumination No. 19: The Age of Aquarius – Lounge Ruminator

2019-03-24: Rogue and Rio will happily sit on your head for quite some time.

2019-03-23: New South Wales democracy sausages!

2019-03-22: Daily Rumination No. 17: Sautéed Brain on Lounge Ruminator

2019-03-21: Check out Daily Ruminations No. 15 and 16: On Writing (So Far) and Unknown Spaces

2019-03-21: Now that I’m back at my Mac, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 is a brilliant way to drown out …

2019-03-21: We just had an evacuation test at work; I think that it’s the first time in years that some …

2019-03-19: Daily Rumination No. 14: Unwanted Comments – Lounge Ruminator

2019-03-19: It is most amusing to watch two budgies trying to eat the tassels of a rug.

2019-03-19: I have to say: it’s pretty hilarious to arrive at work in the morning and hear another employee …

2019-03-18: I have never seen anyone who acts like this when wearing headphones.

2019-03-18: I had some thoughts to share today about how people misuse LinkedIn. Read more in Daily Rumination …

2019-03-18: This Micro Monday, say hi to @baldur, who posts interesting articles that range from culture to …

2019-03-18: I always enjoy a good walk during lunchtime at work. This raven was doing its typical Australian …

2019-03-17: Check out Daily Ruminations 10, 11 and 12 for my latest moments of overthinking: Teeming with …

2019-03-17: It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon and I’m sitting down, reading a great book in the comfort of my home. …

2019-03-17: If you haven’t heard the latest episode of Accidental Tech Podcast, check it out. @liss, @marco and …

2019-03-17: On this wonderfully rainy day, Rogue and Rio are perched on their play-centre and happily singing …

2019-03-16: This is how we do playgrounds in Wollongong… stick a palm tree through sandstone!

2019-03-16: Natasha brought this surprise home for me today! The grip on the bottom is particularly amusing. …

2019-03-15: Pixelmator Pro is truly a great application. I’ve found it really useful at work and it has helped …

2019-03-14: Daily Ruminations No. 8 and 9: The Sad State of TV and A Fresh Cup of #Caffeinespiration

2019-03-14: Paco and Coco were a little bit scared of the massive storm, so we brought them inside to eat corn …

2019-03-14: I couldn’t help but post this photo. You’re looking at the room-number sign from the hotel where I …

2019-03-12: This hotel in Brisbane feels like a family resort in the early 1990s (at best). It was built and …

2019-03-12: I spotted an item with an interesting name on a menu at McDonald’s today: Daily Rumination No. 7: …

2019-03-12: Australia has a very interesting relationship with coffee. Read more in Daily Rumination No. 6: …

2019-03-10: First it was soy milk, then it was avocado and now it’s light bulbs. Daily Rumination No. 5: Hipster …

2019-03-10: We spent some time at Cordeaux Dam today. The weather was beautiful there but the water level is …

2019-03-09: I had a lot to say about hyphens in Daily Rumination No. 4: Compound Modifiers – Lounge Ruminator.

2019-03-08: Daily Rumination No. 3: Many Thanks on Lounge Ruminator

2019-03-07: I’ve been using the beta version of Affinity Publisher on my Mac at work and I have to say …

2019-03-07: Daily Rumination No. 2: Crests on Lounge Ruminator

2019-03-06: Daily Rumination No.1: Caps on Lounge Ruminator

2019-03-05: I love the snarky and humorous comments that appear in CARROT Weather’s Apple Watch complications …

2019-03-03: We’re very fortunate to live near (but not in) this gorgeous city).

2019-02-28: Hearing people end their sentences with the words ‘but’ and ‘at’ will always …

2019-02-27: To me, this button is an admission from Microsoft that the default ribbon in the Office Suite does …

2019-02-25: Ah yes… who could forget Australia’s famous NASA Batteries? They proudly powered all American …

2019-02-25: Happy Micro Monday! Make sure to follow @ChrisJWilson for consistently interesting discussions and …

2019-02-25: Today was my first time ever riding a bicycle to work, since starting a new role back in my home …

2019-02-24: Happy adoption birthday, Coco! ❤️⭐️❤️

2019-02-23: Adventures in the park!

2019-02-23: Someone clearly didn’t think ahead.

2019-02-20: Chinotto is one of my favourite beverages and whenever I have to explain to people what it is, they …

2019-02-19: It’s official: our budgies, Rogue and Rio, absolutely love Queen. So much chirping!

2019-02-19: The United Soviet Socialist Republics of Wollongong

2019-02-18: Being able to control playback and volume on my HomePods from my Apple Watch under `Now Playing’ is …

2019-02-17: Wonderwalls in Port Kembla Natasha and I had a wonderful time roaming the streets of Port Kembla during the 2019 Wonderwalls …

2019-02-16: Paco and Coco are thoroughly enjoying fresh weeds in their inverted pigloos!

2019-02-15: These two make me extraordinarily happy when I return from work each day. They love it when I stick …

2019-02-15: Last night, I had the enormous pleasure of watching Australian comedian Anh Do at the Sydney Opera …

2019-02-14: Inside the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall

2019-02-14: This is one of the stranger items that I have seen left on a lunch table at work.

2019-02-14: I know that people tend to scoff whenever Apple tries to enforce desktop minimalism but I’m a …

2019-02-13: Could this be the best day ever? Who would have thought that my ATP pin and Mac mini for work would …

2019-02-09: These dodgy, old light switches almost look like little birds peering out from gaps in a building.

2019-02-08: I love the colours that you can get with filters in Obscura.

2019-02-08: The addition of categories is really fantastic. I’ve gone through all of my posts since …

2019-02-07: There’s something a bit sad about making a chair in the shape of something that’s used for health …

2019-02-07: The things that you spot in antique shops… here’s a gigantic map of the United States and …

2019-02-06: Depending on the angle, this is either a lovely, well-maintained and expansive lawn in front of a …

2019-02-04: Google’s disrespect for design standards in iOS is somewhat frustrating. Here’s a little example: …

2019-02-04: This Micro Monday, I encourage you to check out @numericcitizen, who has frequent thoughts on the …

2019-02-03: A welcome visitor!

2019-02-03: My wife, Natasha, was quite enthusiastic whilst collecting weeds for our guinea pigs. Fortunately, …

2019-02-03: After a recent post by @burk, I couldn’t help but get a Keytron mechanical keyboard too.

2019-02-02: Watching Rage on a Saturday morning is about the most Australian thing that one can do, even if a …

2019-01-30: The corporate tendency to send instructions (for any given work process) in the form of verbose …

2019-01-30: On this day five years ago, I was drooling over a Mac Pro and Thunderbolt Display at the (now …

2019-01-30: It has been some time since I wrote it but I decided to make my 2013 honours thesis ‘It Just Works’ …

2019-01-26: Clouds over Bowral in the Southern Highlands

2019-01-26: My wonderful wife Natasha threw a surprise ‘bbirthday’ party for me with family and friends, along …

2019-01-25: I’m not a poet but I thought that the Mac’s 35th birthday would be a fun and cheesy …

2019-01-25: Dead gum

2019-01-25: Being a marketing communications person in a human resources department is a very interesting …

2019-01-24: Is it just me or is ‘dumpster fire’ one of the most overused, melodramatic terms on American tech …

2019-01-24: ‘Why HomePod Is My Favourite New(er) Apple Product’ on Lounge Ruminator

2019-01-23: M.G. Siegler’s points about the need for a smaller iPhone are spot-on and I felt the need to …

2019-01-23: It’s amazing how much more motivated I am at work when I pull out my own iPad Pro to perform …

2019-01-23: Although I’m not a fan of Australia Day at all, I am very much looking forward to the long weekend.

2019-01-23: Wear OS apparently isn’t in the best place right now. I shared some thoughts based on a recent …

2019-01-18: I work in marketing but something that annoys me about the field is its overuse of the word …

2019-01-16: Looking over the Tasman Sea from Port Kembla (long exposure on iPhone 7 Plus)

2019-01-14: There just isn’t enough time each week to listen to all of my podcast subscriptions; work gets in …

2019-01-13: It was a glorious day in Austinmer today.

2019-01-11: For some time, Natasha has been concerned that late-night activity reminders on Apple Watch can be …

2019-01-10: After a great discussion by @gruber and @jsnell about Photos for Mac and iOS, I thought that …

2019-01-09: I’m very jealous. Whilst I’ve been at work today, my wife Natasha (who still has holidays) has been …

2019-01-09: Here are some thoughts that I had recently on Apple and Google Smartphone Branding – Lounge …

2019-01-07: I’m over all of this 21st century start-up pretentiousness. Bespoke, Organic, Artisan Hipster …

2019-01-06: These are two new installations at Wollongong Botanic Garden: separate sculptures to represent our …

2019-01-06: Macarons from McCafé really just look like miniature Big Macs made of chocolate now.

2019-01-06: We had some beautiful rainbow lorrikeets visit us this morning. Our two budgies, Rogue and Rio, were …

2019-01-04: Mt. Keira, Wollongong, Port Kembla and Lake Illawarra from Robertson’s Lookout

2019-01-04: The Handmaid’s Tale is an excellent show but who on Earth would buy a calendar that’s based the …

2019-01-03: I just finished seeing Toto live in Sydney and it was one of the most excessive, hilarious and …

2019-01-03: Choose Your Own Adventure with Café Signage – Lounge Ruminator

2019-01-01: I think there’s a sale.

2019-01-01: This is the second New Year’s Day in a row that I’ve had to kill a huntsman spider early in the …

2019-01-01: Happy New Year / Frohes Neues from Martin, Natasha, Coco and Paco!

2018-12-30: I’ve discovered the best use for Apple Pencil yet: official writing implement for Scrabble scores on …

2018-12-29: To Paco, dry eucalyptus leaves are like potato chips.

2018-12-28: Sunset over Wollongong

2018-12-28: Have you ever been to an RSL or bowling club in Australia? The rules are a little perplexing. Read …

2018-12-27: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the height of Australian culture.

2018-12-27: Settling into a three-hour episode of The Talk Show with a fresh supply of super-fizzy water…

2018-12-27: I seriously love the app LookUp; the interface is gorgeous and the extra effort that’s spent on each …

2018-12-27: It was absolutely stunning at Port Kembla Beach this morning; it pays to go early before the crowds …

2018-12-26: Paco and Coco had a lot of fun at the park today. They could seriously eat grass forever.

2018-12-24: I took this last year in Port Kembla but it’s still one of my favourite shots.

2018-12-21: Natasha and I are wearing matching Seinfeld shirts today but we noticed that some people seemed …

2018-12-20: Looking over the Illawarra

2018-12-20: Flying back to Wollongong

2018-12-20: My wife Natasha took this photo of Coco and Paco getting into the Christmas spirit.

2018-12-17: This is certainly a safer way to undo than shaking your device… pulianas.com

2018-12-17: I call it: Coffee Cup Eclipse.

2018-12-17: …and here’s the plane again.

2018-12-17: The massive Qantas plane on display at Illawarra Regional Airport!

2018-12-17: Natasha and I were shopping at Aldi when we found these doormats in the ‘central Germanic bargain …

2018-12-15: After much fiddling around since getting my iPad Pro 10.5-inch last year (like a nerd), I’ve …

2018-12-12: If our government put as much effort into understanding technology as it does in rolling its …

2018-12-12: Corporate drivel drives me crazy. I heard this actual sentence from someone speaking on the phone: …

2018-12-11: Black and white can make the most mundane shots that much more interesting.

2018-12-08: Today I’m at Macquarie University in Sydney to support my wife, who’s here with her students for a …

2018-12-07: Lying under a tree during lunchtime at work was blissful. It’s a beautiful day today.

2018-12-06: Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing Michael Palin live at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. I wrote …

2018-12-06: This is what my sit-stand desk at work is called. It cracks me up every morning.

2018-12-05: Magpies on the lookout…

2018-12-04: I like to think outside. Outdoor Rumination – Lounge Ruminator

2018-12-04: As far as I’m concerned, these are the only cufflinks worth wearing. I sported these on my wedding …

2018-12-04: I have very strong thoughts on the presentation of napkins. Napkins – Lounge Ruminator

2018-12-01: For anyone who hasn’t heard, you can now buy land in a new suburb in the south-west of Sydney …

2018-11-30: I experienced the worst death by PowerPoint today. It was as if someone had vomited fine print onto …

2018-11-29: Our beloved Mt. Keira

2018-11-28: I call this: The Horror of Windows World.

2018-11-27: This is the most Australian thing ever.

2018-11-27: I love my city but it has its strange bits: Wollongong in Transformation on Lounge Ruminator

2018-11-26: Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Berlin Philharmonic & Herbert von Karajan) is musical …

2018-11-26: I know that no network is perfect but I continue to be impressed with Micro.blog. I don’t feel like …

2018-11-25: Our bottle-opener is seriously called ‘Gilbert the Fish’. That’s how it was sold. Thank you for the …

2018-11-23: I love using Walkie-Talkie on Apple Watch. What seems like a fun and trivial feature is actually …

2018-11-22: iPad Pro as Your Everyday Computer – Lounge Ruminator

2018-11-22: I continue to enjoy using ca-mera. It makes even the most ordinary places and things look …

2018-11-22: It is so hot in the office today; the word ‘torturous’ comes to mind.

2018-11-22: Coco and Paco really enjoyed their bath.

2018-11-21: A few thoughts about one of my favourite films… Almost 20: ‘The Matrix’ – Lounge Ruminator

2018-11-21: Can you believe this? Almost 20: ‘The Matrix’ – Lounge Ruminator

2018-11-20: One of the world’s greatest mysteries has been solved: Wombat Poop – Lounge Ruminator

2018-11-20: On Micro Monday, follow @kulturnation I’ve learnt a lot about apples (in German).

2018-11-20: Some things never change… Abbott vs. Turnbull: Republic Debate (1993) – Lounge Ruminator

2018-11-20: We still haven’t found the huntsman.

2018-11-19: Natasha and I discovered a gigantic huntsman above our bookshelves last night. Unfortunately, it …

2018-11-18: This really was a brilliant show and I should have written about it earlier: Bill Murray, Jan Vogler …

2018-11-17: Playing around with ca-mera

2018-11-16: Who needs door handles? This is much better.

2018-11-13: Galahs never enjoy being followed. Sorry, galah.

2018-11-10: Rio and Rogue were keen to sit at the dining room table.

2018-11-09: The excessively wasteful season is upon us.

2018-11-09: It’s important to say ‘hello’ to people you don’t know. Passing the Newspaper – Lounge Ruminator

2018-11-08: Elon Musk on ‘Recode Decode’ with Kara Swisher – Lounge Ruminator

2018-11-06: Photo Metadata on iOS – Lounge Ruminator

2018-11-03: At the famous Messina HQ in Rosebery for their Messina Eats: Breakfast!

2018-11-01: World Square in Sydney

2018-11-01: We finally received our wedding photos and this is one of my absolute favourites.

2018-10-30: They must always be at the top of anything.

2018-10-29: It’s Micro Monday! Follow @yorrike and partake in enjoyable conversation.

2018-10-29: I have a thing for shooting bark with Halide.

2018-10-28: Sorry, one more…

2018-10-28: One big, happy family!

2018-10-28: We were thrilled to welcome two new family members this weekend! Meet Rio (left) and Rogue (right).

2018-10-28: It’s a beautiful day in Coledale, north of Wollongong.

2018-10-28: Bohemian Rhapsody is absolutely brilliant… incredible casting, awesome soundtrack and …

2018-10-27: This IKEA Hektar looks like a UFO crossed with an Australian Rules football.

2018-10-26: The camera app Halide is definitely fun to use.

2018-10-26: This cockatoo was not happy that I was following it for a picture.

2018-10-24: Natasha and I are most pleased with our new bookshelves. Books really are a great …

2018-10-20: Guinea pig friends

2018-10-19: Inspired by @burk, I’m sharing my current watch face on Series 4. It’s dense but oh-so-useful!

2018-10-18: I loved that you kept the dog sounds in your most recent podcast episode, @gruber.

2018-10-17: Having a larger screen is great but it’s the haptic digital crown that makes the Apple Watch Series …

2018-10-12: My wife, Natasha, often forgets that the speaker in our bedroom is called ‘iPod Hi-Fi’ and instead …

2018-10-12: My sister bought an awesome pair of Nikola Tesla socks for me and I am most pleased with them.

2018-10-12: Windows ruins everything.

2018-10-11: MONA’s famous poo machine…

2018-10-08: Hobart has some pretty cool street art, if you look carefully.

2018-10-08: The Memorial Garden at Port Arthur is exceptionally well done.

2018-10-07: Port Arthur is fantastic for taking photos.

2018-10-06: The artworks at MONA were astounding but in all honesty I was equally impressed by this wall in the …

2018-10-06: This furry friend greets you at the entrance of Richmond’s Pooseum in Tasmania.

2018-10-05: Everyone, this is my remarkably creative wife, Natasha, dressed as Mr. Bean’s take on the famous …

2018-10-05: Classics at The Mac Shop in Launceston!

2018-10-05: Remembering the thylacine in Launceston, Tasmania 😔

2018-10-04: Claude Road (under Mt. Roland) in Tasmania… the most awesome Airbnb site that we have ever …

2018-10-03: Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain in Tasmania

2018-10-03: DO NOT PAINT.

2018-10-02: Lake St. Clair in Tasmania

2018-09-30: Yesterday I had the pleasure of marrying my wonderful Natasha. It’s all very new and strange but I’m …

2018-09-24: Paco had plenty of room to enjoy on our new timber flooring (sans furniture). Of course, he just …

2018-09-22: Our beautiful rainbow lorikeet friends returned for fruit snacks!

2018-09-21: Ah yes… on this day two years ago, I was thrilled to perform Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos in …

2018-09-19: There’s an Irish accent available for Siri?! Switching now…

2018-09-18: The ability to assign shortcuts with text phrases for podcasts in iOS 12 is fantastic. I would often …

2018-09-10: Targeting I remember the early days of Instagram, when it was an iOS-only app for simple, filtered …

2018-09-08: Say ‘hello’ to my deer friends! Even though they aren’t native, they are cute and welcome visitors …

2018-09-07: Back when I was working in Sydney, I often sat in a gigantic foyer in a building on Bligh Street. …

2018-09-05: There’s a current fitness poster in my office building that includes an iPod Video in its design. …

2018-09-04: According to his LinkedIn account, Malcolm Turnbull is still the Prime Minister of Australia.

2018-09-04: According to the great activist and academic Raj Patel, capitalism began with the plough. Here he is …

2018-09-03: Australian journalist Peter Greste interviewing Chelsea Manning via satellite at the Sydney Opera …

2018-09-02: Ok another Sydney Opera House shot…

2018-09-02: Apple Sydney is even nicer when almost no one is around!

2018-09-01: If you can’t afford it, lie down in front of it.

2018-08-31: das Olympiastadion I’ve taken many photos whenever I’ve travelled but this has to be one of my favourites. …

2018-08-31: Are there any other microbloggers out there whose family members constantly fall asleep during films …

2018-08-29: Long Exposure with iPhone A relatively recent iOS software addition that I wish that I could use more often is long-exposure …

2018-08-29: The Big Phone! When I first made a phone call Dick-Tracy-style (and through AirPods) with my Apple Watch, I thought …

2018-08-25: It doesn’t matter how many times I visit the Sydney Opera House… it still blows me away.

2018-08-24: Inspired by the home screens of @endonend and @pyrmont, here’s mine. You can probably tell that I …

2018-08-23: I was going through some old photos, when suddenly I stumbled on this Messages screenshot from 2015: …

2018-08-21: Bark One of the things that I’ve always missed about Australia whenever I’ve travelled overseas is the …

2018-08-21: This Micro Monday, I encourage you to check out @pyrmont: a fellow Australian with some great ideas …

2018-08-20: Hockey Husband-to-Be I decided to take the good ol’ Canon to my fiancée’s hockey game on the weekend and found it to be a …

2018-08-20: AirPodLess Today I experienced what is quite possibly the worst first-world problem ever: forgetting to take my …

2018-08-19: Cheap, Fast Furniture After watching the recent second season of War on Waste on ABC TV, I’ve been taking even more notice …

2018-08-19: Rainbow Lorikeet Couple I was going through some old animal shots of mine and came across this one of two rainbow lorikeets. …

2018-08-17: Cockatoos I love native Australian birds but my favourite has to be the sulphur-crested cockatoo. They’re …

2018-08-17: The Perfect Pet I’ve never been much of a pet person but I have always loved other people’s animals—particularly …

2018-08-14: I had the opportunity to cover my company’s day of official announcements for its financial …

2018-08-12: This is my beloved Wollongong with Port Kembla in the centre. It’s a place of great beauty, …

2018-08-12: For anyone in the U.S. who’s interested, there’s a wealthy industrialist in Australia by the name of …

2018-08-11: I think that this poor bird was getting sick of being chased around by my camera. I wasn’t …

2018-08-11: First Official Micro.blog Post! Well, it’s nice to be here. Thank you to @liss for recommending this site. :)





2018-07-27: Le Moon

2018-07-26: I love Port Kembla. #Wollongong

2018-07-26: Glorious #Wollongong! ⭐️😍 @eatstreetmarket #cameraobscura #streetfood

2018-07-25: I do enjoy VAG Rundschrift. #typography #halide @halideapp

2018-07-22: Ze Earth

2018-06-23: This still looks better and more distinctive than most of the products that are released nowadays.  …

2018-06-16: The great @magda_szubanski on stage and screen at #tedxsydney2018 yesterday… @tedxsydney …

2018-06-12: I love live photos. #longexposure #ShotoniPhone

2018-06-04: The big phone! 📞 #Coneheads #HomePod

2018-05-18: The Whitlams!

2018-04-27:  #iMac Summer 2001

2018-04-26: #Sydney #ShotoniPhone

2018-04-05: #Wollongong

2018-03-19: jodiefeld: “That’s a red velvet building.” #obscuraapp #Sydney

2018-03-15: Worker on lunch break or a corpse?

2018-03-14: I love this thing. #HomePod





2018-03-04: Wollongong with #obscuraapp 📸 (fantastic camera app for #iOS)

2018-02-28: Purple #ShotoniPhone











2018-01-20: Sitting in the shade




2017-12-21: The Red Kitchen is closing down. Thank you to Caroline and Courtney for the absolute best #coffee on …

2017-12-04: Victim identified as a ‘Mr. S. Claus’






2017-11-19: This sums up #Sydney quite well, I think.

2017-11-17: Introduced backyard friends

2017-11-10: Yay #VivalaGong! 🎉 #Wollongong



2017-10-18: A most McBeautiful day in #Sydney

2017-10-11: There was a dinosaur on my desk today. 👨🏽‍💻 #iOS11 #AR #iPhone #MonsterPark

2017-09-29: Why would you live anywhere else? #Wollongong

2017-09-08: These vines made a tree! 🌳 #Sydney #ShotoniPhone

2017-09-07: 23 #ShotoniPhone

2017-09-07: #Sydney Layers 🏙 #ShotoniPhone #obscuraapp

2017-09-01: Steve Jobs, 2007: “iPhone runs OS X”.📱 #Greek #senior #technologia #tennotX

2017-08-30: #Sydney: forever under construction 🚜

2017-08-09: The Pyramids of Port Kembla #ShotoniPhone

2017-08-07: Crushing tinned tomatoes… 🍅 #ShotoniPhone #Sydney


2017-07-25: Wow… thank you for an unbelievable show, #sigurros. 🎵🇮🇸🔊 #Sydney

2017-07-13: Hopefully we will indeed witness the end of the creation of long awkward titles for the sequels …

2017-07-10: Attacked by seagulls in #Wollongong

2017-07-04: One of the best stage shows that I’ve ever seen… @sydneytheatreco #1984

2017-07-03: The gorgeous @natashakandilas 🌟 #Illawarra #deptheffect #iphone7plus

2017-07-02: #sustainability

2017-07-01: Bridge

2017-06-24: I do what I want.

2017-06-17: Hello, friend.

2017-06-10: Paco the Taco (feat. Carrot)

2017-06-08: No other city could have been used as the setting for #thematrix. 🏙#Sydney #scifi #movies









2017-05-19: Advanced trolley parking (feat. the Rock)

2017-04-28: This building always reminds me of the brilliant helicopter scene in #TheMatrix… 📽🚁

2017-04-27: ‘Graffiti Pijun’ 🐦 (not sure if it’s actually a pigeon, but I’m claiming …

2017-04-21: Good job



2017-04-20: #Sydney Silhouettes

2017-04-18: Old meets sorta new

2017-04-17: natashakandilas loves #iPod socks. 

2017-04-17: Post-apocalyptic beach

2017-04-16: Blinds

2017-04-15: No better place

2017-04-14: We’ve come a long way.  #Apple #iPod

2017-04-14: Gong Noir

2017-04-11: She made me a ring!!! 😍 #AppleWatch #SydneyTrains #green

2017-04-04: The popular cycle track

2017-04-04: The insanity of #Sydney CBD

2017-04-02: Owl friends at The Red Kitchen #iphone7plus #deptheffect

2017-03-10: 😍🐕😍


2016-12-31: We made a new friend this morning. #cockatoo

2016-12-09: Swirly Sydney Thing

2016-11-28: Bee friend

2016-11-12: Get it? Got it? Good.

2016-11-12: Another hilarious blast from the past… @reneritchie @imoregram #apple #throwback

2016-11-10: Buildings and sky #poetic

2016-11-01: Friends on the lawn…

2016-10-31: Loving the new depth effect on #iphone7plus

2016-10-30: Slightly warped road

2016-10-28: Pole-mirror selfie with the wonderful Baba

2016-10-13: Glass

2016-10-12: A stone’s throw from the Choo Choo Express!

2016-10-12: This makes a lot of sense: Changi Airport has bins that are shaped like the items that they receive. …

2016-10-11: What a lovely day!

2016-10-05: Ok…

2016-09-28: Inside a dryer #sowow

2016-09-03: Comedy ‘Siri-style’ #AppleWatch

2016-09-02: Nice to find a part of the city where one can breathe…

2016-08-25: Paco amongst the clovers

2016-08-15: Love it. Thanks @natashakandilas. #Mac #AppleWatch

2016-08-06: I have become a coat-rack of sorts for @natashakandilas.

2016-08-05: Yay Link Bracelet! Thanks @natashakandilas #AppleWatch

2016-07-18: Someone in Wollongong is really keen on Ebola; I’ve sent this in a few places!

2016-07-15: Genuine artists! Taco and iPod with @natashakandilas

2016-07-14: Love that ceiling #prisma

2016-06-12: Another McMural

2016-06-12: McMural

2016-06-11: Well, Chicko’s has always been known for its spelling.

2016-06-08: How gargantuan was the potato from whence this chip came?!

2016-06-05: Every single day, I make sure to ask #Siri the important questions in life. #AppleWatch

2016-06-04: Време со дедо! (Time with Dedo!)

2016-05-20: Apocalypse!

2016-05-14: We love it here!

2016-05-13: Brilliant

2016-05-13: #renewable #Apple #Sydney

2016-05-10: It seems I truly have a sloth in my room. Even as I accidentally knocked Darby off my chair, he held …

2016-05-07: I love this place.

2016-04-27: Parallel Universe

2016-04-26: Why doesn’t my head ever fit into photos? #elainebenes

2016-04-26: I think this photo sums up @jodiefeld particularly well. #dogwhisperer

2016-04-10: These days, you’d have to be a dummy to buy one in the first place.

2016-04-10: Easy to confuse the two

2016-04-10: The beautiful @natashakandilas reads the names of hundreds of immigrants outside Adelaide’s …

2016-04-09: Camrys are pretty intense in South Australia.

2016-04-01: I went to the Vatican today.

2016-03-31: Munching ‘organic’ popcorn on the streets of Sydney… living the high life!

2016-03-30: #sketchesapp has the power of making me think I’m an artist when I’m not.

2016-03-25: Bearer of Pizza #AppleWatch

2016-03-24: Mmm… appealing…

2016-03-15: Still admiring my handiwork at #Officeworks from the other day… #iPadPro #AdobeSketch #pigeon


2016-03-11: natashakandilas is really pleased with her stool today! :)

2016-03-03: Thank you, @natashakandilas, for enabling my already dangerous obsession. Loving the blue band! …

2016-03-01: My Kindergarten drawing on #iPadPro today using #AdobeSketch… (Don’t judge the app by …

2016-02-28: natashakandilas and I made a slug friend.

2016-02-26: jodiefeld, carrier of ice-cream

2016-02-19: Apparently the two companies have merged. I’ve always wanted to be able to buy a milkshake and …

2016-02-18: #AudiR8

2016-02-11: Who knew Sydney had some colour?

2016-01-29: Thanks for the nifty watchband, @jodiefeld ⌚️👍🏼 #AppleWatch

2016-01-28: Possum knows all…

2016-01-26: OMG SAH PRETTY

2016-01-24: Nescafé on the Street

2016-01-23: Duck friend

2016-01-22: They’re watching me.

2016-01-19: I really love this thing. #AppleWatch

2016-01-17: Good taste AND flavour? I’m sold!

2016-01-17: I call this: “Raising one’s PC monitor up to one’s eye-level German-style”. …

2016-01-17: Pwetty

2016-01-16: ‘Twas a lovely day.

2016-01-13: Who doesn’t love this wall? #Wollongong

2016-01-13: #Wollongong Harbour

2016-01-12: Wow… #StarWars #Myer

2016-01-12: How can I fit one of these into my room? #Apple #Sydney

2016-01-10: Yes, this will fit many emergency patients. #smart

2016-01-09: My mother: “I didn’t win the Powerball jackpot but I did win $25, so I got you a …

2016-01-09: I’m super-proud to have the great #Macedonian nobleman Никола Карев on my cup of Turkish …

2016-01-07: Wow! A butt that’s even bigger than the Harbour Bridge!

2016-01-05: Nothing quite like a #coffee at the Chamber…

2016-01-02: Yay! Who doesn’t love @originalaeropress? #aeropress #coffee

2016-01-01: I’m not sure if IKEA considered this label placement properly…

2016-01-01: I thought I’d give your catch phrase a go on the watch, @charger_e38. :)

2015-12-31: Kon “The Man” Kandilas does it again! @konkandilas #wollongong

2015-12-26: Greek Doily Toaster

2015-12-22: Darby the Sloth or Darby the Sith? #StarWars

2015-12-21: Thank you @natashakandilas for my #DarthVader mystery egg keychain! Only the essentials from …

2015-12-20: I just found these original #StarWars visual novelisations in my room, which I used to read with my …

2015-12-18: I’m capable of supporting myself.

2015-12-11: So honoured to have Mr. Clooney, er, Uncle Rick pop over… #Nespresso #whatelse

2015-12-10: WHY?

2015-12-06: When your watch, phone, lightsaber and chair all match accidentally… :/

2015-12-05: Early-morning tragics at the Old Wollongong Courthouse this morning… #market

2015-12-01: natashakandilas supports her bee friend.

2015-11-30: I like a this rooms.

2015-11-23: WE HAVE A NEW FRIEND.

2015-11-23: App layout is very important. #AppleWatch #bigissues

2015-11-12: Me drinking water on a boat #exciting

2015-11-03: #PashaBulker

2015-11-03: Wavy Lines

2015-11-02: Missing Newcastle!

2015-11-01: #TripView on #AppleWatch is the best.

2015-10-31: Adele, is that you? #flipphone

2015-10-31: My new bestie, Darby the #Sloth!

2015-10-31: “Thank you, kind sir, for this vessel of fine rodent fare.”

2015-10-29: PINK BUNNEH

2015-10-20: A food to be worshipped #Deutschland #Lüneburger

2015-10-20: (PRODUCT)RED #AppleWatch

2015-10-13: Photo within a photo #AppleWatch

2015-10-02: Yes, yes I would… #coffee

2015-09-25: Classy #ozcomiccon

2015-09-23: I’m all for a special offer, but could someone let John know that 3:16 am is a ridiculous time …

2015-09-17: Sloth socks courtesy of @natashakandilas. One may only walk slowly in these.

2015-09-16: Missing the weird tree at Belmore Basin… #Wollongong

2015-09-12: Happy Sky @ Kmart

2015-09-11: Birdhead (feat. Rocky)

2015-09-08: Ok, I will. #Virgin

2015-09-05: Look at that face! #VW #Kombi

2015-09-01: Ahh Siri… you always keep your cards close to your chest… #AppleWatch #keynote

2015-08-31: I’m a big fan of these Activity badges. #AppleWatch

2015-08-30: Tanya ‘Frostillicus’ Feld

2015-08-29: Squinting next to a bush at Sublime Point

2015-08-28: Great article featured in @fastcompany #Apple

2015-08-28: Jodie-Marie Presley (feat. the Wind)

2015-08-26: Pijun-sketch by @natashakandilas #AppleWatch n_n

2015-08-15: Gorgeous pictorial gift from @natashakandilas #Apple #SteveJobs

2015-08-12: Owl-shaker friends @ The Red Kitchen in Port Kembla

2015-08-11: Perhaps I should burn the final five calories by walking to the kitchen to get Pringles. Oh …

2015-08-05: Time and space bent in Wollongong today.

2015-08-05: Best random gift day ever! Cute succulent in a piccolo cup + European rice cakes from …

2015-08-02: Dogs and rugs are one and the same.

2015-08-01: Feld Family Lunch Shenanigans #megasausage #Grandpa

2015-08-01: The World’s Smallest Doorbell

2015-07-29: The newest addition to the family… #Apple #Macmini

2015-07-28: Is that the inanimate carbon rod?! No wait, it’s rocky road.

2015-07-28: MISSING THE COFFEE… oh wait, I have some at home.

2015-07-25: COOKIE! #AromaFestival

2015-07-21: Activity is probably my favourite app on le #AppleWatch… it’s simple, motivating and …

2015-07-21: LOTS OF TINY TILES

2015-07-19: What a McLovely Sunday #Wollongong #chicken

2015-07-16: I also feel this way when displaying a slice of pizza.

2015-07-16: “The year is 1939!” #DavidJones #Wollongong

2015-07-16: I love a good watch-sketch from the mother!

2015-07-15: More thumbs up… thanks again, @katmoss!

2015-07-15: Thank you to the German-Australian Chamber for six fantastic months. Here I am celebrating with a …

2015-07-14: It’s too damn cold.

2015-07-13: Guck mal! Ich habe einen „Auslandshandelskammerkaffeeturm“ in der Küche gebaut!

2015-07-06: Tiny Lighthouse #Wollongong

2015-07-06: “Mmm… feet…”

2015-07-02: Sehr schön… BMW Neue Klasse!

2015-07-01: The Little Jerrys! #Seinfeld

2015-07-01: I’m Cosmo Kramer, the Assman! #Seinfeld #trivia #Wollongong @beach_burrito_co

2015-06-30: Ganz allein am Goethe-Institut

2015-06-28: Great read

2015-06-27: I love this face. #AppleWatch

2015-06-25: Exhibit A: ‘Martin awkwardly giving a resting pigeon the thumbs-up while sunlight hurts his …

2015-06-25: Thank you for reminding me, #AppleWatch!

2015-06-22: Pigeon in Motion 2 (It thinks it’s people!)

2015-06-19: Beautiful car… (By the way, make sure to try Coke Zero. Zero sugar, tastes like Coke, no …

2015-06-18: A Nerdy Tribute to OS X #AppleWatch

2015-06-13: Alleyway a la VIC

2015-06-12: This is a coffee shop. There are buckets of coffee. BUCKETS!

2015-06-12: Fancy building shot

2015-06-11: Meeting the Great @henryjhornsby in the City of Melbourne #diplomacy #noblecred #international


2015-06-02: The Hordes of Wynyard

2015-05-31: Whoever came up with this monstrous freak-show deserves a serious promotion. #PizzaHut

2015-05-30: natashakandilas thinks I look like this emoji.

2015-05-30: Melbourne Ska Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House with the lovely @natashakandilas

2015-05-22: Enjoying #Eurovision2015 with a nice packet of Smith’s crisps. Love that crunch! …

2015-05-18: Martin with the eyes of Mike Baird

2015-05-16: Loving that first dot-point…

2015-05-12: Although it was set to English, my Mac decided during an OS X re-installation that it was in fact …

2015-05-05: Meeting Olympic gold-medallist Nat Cook at CeMAT business convention with Katja le boss… why …

2015-05-03: Jodie and Tiger-Lily

2015-05-02: Rory the Gorgeous One

2015-05-02: I’m not normally a fan of food-shots online, but this corn must be shared… utterly …

2015-04-26: Tommy M and the Mastersounds at Three Chimneys :)

2015-04-25: natashakandilas thinks she’s Madonna.

2015-04-25: Exploring the @TanyaFeld Vinyl Collection

2015-04-23: FINALLY

2015-04-19: Mastering the New Oven and Hotplate (“One serving of Chicken Crimpies coming up!”)

2015-04-19: Cave

2015-04-19: This is what happens to a building when your phone vibrates (along with an incoming notification) as …

2015-04-17: Two-headed Feld

2015-04-17: Blue Mountains that are sort of blue but not really but kind of look like they are.

2015-04-14: GOOOOOOOOLD #schmeltingincident #AppleWatch

2015-04-14: This is a genuine hobo. He owns a suit and a notebook. He enjoys a good coffee. Good on him.

2015-04-12: Greek Easter-egg-smashing champion Kandilas obliterates everyone in the Macedonian Nikoloski …

2015-04-10: Ear-cups!

2015-04-09: Gorgeous #AppleWatch

2015-04-03: Jodie the Bratwurst Killer

2015-03-30: Ceiling a la Yurt

2015-03-28: Rocky thinks that I taste nice, plus my head looks even more massive than normal in this picture.

2015-03-25: The Walking Dead


2015-03-23: This is a plant.

2015-03-21: Puppy Noir

2015-03-19: Le Dawn

2015-03-15: Macro lounge threads… because why not?

2015-03-13: ‘Penka Ponders’ (an original portrait by none other than renowned, contemporary …

2015-03-12: My No. 1 Favourite Place to Be at 6:30 on Friday Morning

2015-03-11: “I’m eating schnitzel. What do you want?”

2015-03-07: Menu is God. All hail Menu. #breakfastcommandments

2015-03-07: Strangers in the Night (OOOH how mysterious)

2015-03-05: North Wollongong Station or a Prison Guard Tower?

2015-03-04: Wispy McClouds (no filter!)

2015-02-26: Shadows

2015-02-26: Mr. Grohl Points at the Sky #Sydney #FooFighters

2015-02-26: Doomsday Stadium #Sydney #FooFighters

2015-02-24: Super-proud of her cake (again)

2015-02-23: Bee-dog? @natashakandilas

2015-02-18: Look at these flowers. They are pretty.

2015-02-15: PIGEON IN MOTION

2015-02-14: A beautiful felt gift from the one and only @natashakandilas

2015-02-07: Queen of the Corn

2015-01-31: Sloth Coaster Art by @natashakandilas

2015-01-27: Dog or wookiee? You decide.

2015-01-25: Thank you @natashakandilas for the Apple Newton eMate! Yay!

2015-01-25: Cooling Magma (actually melted chocolate ice-cream)

2015-01-24: Creepy Trees

2015-01-20: McUrban

2015-01-17: Look on this a beaches pls.

2015-01-13: Hyams Beach

2015-01-12: GULL-FEED ON THE ROCKS BELOW! (No. 2) #Batman

2015-01-11: My New Bestie

2015-01-10: That’s right, I’m a loser.

2015-01-08: Original Macintosh Icons

2015-01-08: Macintosh 128K

2015-01-08: Apple I

2015-01-07: …because why the Hell not?

2015-01-07: Start something new. #Apple #Sydney

2015-01-07: Seats

2015-01-07: #Sydney Opera House #Noir

2015-01-05: Warning: this will kill you. #crunchycrust

2015-01-04: I asked for a small piece of ice-cream cake and I was given this. (I did not eat all of it.) …

2015-01-03: Flamingo + Adopted Son

2015-01-03: A very happy birthday to Kon “Konifer” Kandilas

2015-01-01: Yay Rose Garden #Wollongong

2014-12-31: Le Bark de la Tree

2014-12-31: McLeaf

2014-12-31: McFlower

2014-12-31: Jodie, Queen of the Trees

2014-12-31: Kon “The Man” Kandilas

2014-12-28: Welcoming

2014-12-25: My mother is quite proud of her pecan cheesecake.

2014-12-24: Awesome 1990s Apple watch from @natashakandilas

2014-12-21: Gomez has been flying this flag since Easter.

2014-12-21: Westfield Figtree Carpark Blues

2014-12-20: Port Kembla Beach… the BEST beach…

2014-12-17: When one doorstop just isn’t enough…

2014-12-13: The Fiery Pits of Hell (actually macroscopic nachos)

2014-12-09: Mount Doom Meets Wollongong

2014-12-07: Le Cacti

2014-12-01: Home

2014-11-28: I loved this place… Cook & Archie’s!

2014-11-27: Sydney Safari

2014-11-24: It felt like I was flying over ‘Operation Dark Storm’ from ‘The Matrix’.

2014-11-22: Molecule Man #Berlin

2014-11-21: This advertisement scares and confuses me. #Berlin

2014-11-21: #Berlin train stations never cease to surprise me.

2014-11-21: A hippo shopping at the Mall of #Berlin #LP12

2014-11-20: Sony Centre #Berlin

2014-11-18: Where the children and dogs may play… #Berlin #Gleisdreieck

2014-11-17: Goethe-Institut #Berlin

2014-11-16: Olympiastadion #Berlin

2014-11-15: #Tesla Design Studio #Berlin

2014-11-15: BMW Haus #Berlin

2014-11-15: Kurfürstendamm #Apple #Berlin

2014-11-14: Philharmonie #Berlin

2014-11-14: Das Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas #Berlin

2014-11-13: Bambi in #Berlin

2014-11-12: Fahne #Berlin

2014-11-12: #Ásgeir in #Berlin #Kesselhaus

2014-11-11: Deutscher Elefant #Berlin

2014-11-11: Die Reichstagskuppel #Berlin

2014-11-09: Bode-Museum #Berlin

2014-11-09: Kulturbrauerei #Berlin

2014-11-04: Potsdamer Platz #Berlin

2014-11-02: Potsdam

2014-10-29: Spree #Berlin

2014-10-29: Jazz at Zosch #Berlin

2014-10-28: German recipe book

2014-10-27: Berliner Adventure Time

2014-10-27: Der Berliner Fernsehturm

2014-10-19: #Sydney ‘tis a beautiful city.

2014-10-17: Oh mini-pancake, how I love thee… #Oktoberfest #Deutsch

2014-10-14: Creepy, Lonely Bus-stop a la Rain

2014-10-12: I like a this birds.

2014-10-07: Look at these leaves. Look at them.

2014-09-14: Oh yes, I am artistic.

2014-09-01: Freaky Trees

2014-08-26: GULLFEED ON THE ROCKS BELOW! #BatmanForever #JimCarrey

2014-08-24: #TheOatmeal

2014-08-16: BUNNY

2014-08-11: Wollongong appears to have gained some interesting architecture. #inprogress

2014-08-11: Wollongong appears to have been deserted.

2014-08-10: Crankin’ the magic hits… #MakedonskConcert #ThisBeautiful #BestForMe #VasileRodenden

2014-07-31: Wooden Horse

2014-07-23: Cactus Ball

2014-07-22: CHILES #seinfeldemoji

2014-07-22: The Great Pyramid of Wollongong

2014-07-22: Carpet #mundane #artsnob

2014-07-21: Jerry’s Philosophy

2014-07-16: RAINBOW

2014-07-13: Love the new iTunes Gift Card design #Apple

2014-07-01: UFO

2014-06-30: I LIKE BIRDS.

2014-06-29: Mount Doom (Mount Keira)

2014-06-28: I prefer my water uncensored, thank you very much.

2014-06-26: Trees and Sky

2014-06-24: Great café #BostonsEspresso

2014-06-23: Light on ze Wall

2014-06-22: Can’t wait for OS X #Yosemite… thanks Craig. #Apple

2014-06-21: Round Wooden Thing

2014-06-21: Jodie a la Femme Fatale

2014-06-20: Mercedes-Benz Viano Entering a Roundabout

2014-06-18: Classic, gourmet and instant?! So wow. #coffee

2014-06-18: Le Stage de la Gong (feat. le Campé Chair)

2014-06-15: Dunkle Stranddusche

2014-06-15: South

2014-06-02: Cannot wait #iOS8

2014-06-01: THE BEST #cornchips

2014-05-27: Love this font #DIN1451 #Deutsch

2014-05-27: Deluxe Edition Secured #coldplay #ghoststories

2014-05-24: Cashed-up Baba

2014-05-21: Le Railing

2014-05-17: IKEA Art

2014-05-17: Obligatory Breakfast Shot #homagetoobligatoryDuncanstatuses

2014-05-17: Bombora Wet Wall

2014-05-15: Floor #artsnob

2014-05-12: Oh Yes… The Best View During Coffee #automaticdoor

2014-05-12: Comfy Wolf onesie courtesy of @natashakandilas … very happy! #WhereTheWildThingsAre

2014-05-11: Continuing a long viewing tradition! #SBSEurovision

2014-05-11: Unfairly Ignored

2014-05-10: Jodie’s Free, “Sexy” Shoes

2014-05-10: Sol #artsnob

2014-05-07: Martin’s Blair Witch Backyard

2014-05-07: Le Clichéd Holy Wollongong Escarpment

2014-05-06: Ah le big Jenga tower…

2014-05-05: The Ceiling

2014-05-04: RGS, M @mitch_1211

2014-05-04: So hipster… #book #manyfood #Iameating #sowow #muchpleasure

2014-05-01: Tanya Is Impressed

2014-05-01: True

2014-04-29: A McGlorious Day

2014-04-29: Just some of my personal effects… nothin’ like being on the road… #stardom …

2014-04-24: Martm John Wilham Feld

2014-04-21: I don’t normally like to post sappy photos, but isn’t she lovely?

2014-04-21: Contemplating McLife Part III: Someone Left a Lounge For Me (It’s Facing the Wrong Way and …

2014-04-21: Le Champion Orthodox Egg

2014-04-19: Le Court

2014-04-19: Wheel de Bill

2014-04-18: DA SCRABBLE IS FUN.

2014-04-12: Lots of Seats

2014-04-04: I want. #Apple #MacPro #California

2014-04-01: Presenting the all-new Wollongong CBD Viewing Deck!

2014-03-27: So indie #OMG #icannotbelieveit #ihavemadethisjokebefore #wood

2014-03-25: My Actual Backyard #notplagiarism #forest

2014-03-25: 19 May cannot come soon enough… #Coldplay #GhostStories #iTunesSXSW #Apple

2014-03-25: DERELICTE!

2014-03-20: EVART

2014-03-15: Le Court #artsnob

2014-03-09: Nice Grass

2014-03-09: Nice Clouds

2014-03-06: The only Samsung phone that I’ve ever wanted…

2014-03-06: #QOTSA

2014-03-06: #NIN

2014-02-22: Posting someone else’s artwork with my own Instagram filter = ingenious

2014-02-19: iPod Hi-Fi + iBook G4 #Apple #uselessshot #narcissism

2014-02-16: Contemplating McLife (Part II)… different angle + different filter = new perspective …

2014-02-15: “Bread rolls, anyone?” #hotstuff #BakeryBabe

2014-02-12: Contemplating McLife

2014-02-07: Best present wrapping design ever… thanks again @natashakandilas

2014-02-07: Best birthday gift! Thank you @natashakandilas :)

2014-02-06: Opéra #Apple Store, #Paris

2014-02-06: Keepin’ it real… maintaining diplomatic relations with #France. #PresidentAlain …

2014-01-22: Old friends #Lego #Berlin

2014-01-19: Very interesting Wi-Fi hotspot names at Czech highway food-stops…

2014-01-18: Nespresso Rip-off #Budapest

2013-12-19: It writes upside down! :)

2013-12-19: Fusilli + Mac Martin, courtesy of the wonderful Natasha Kandilas… #Seinfeld #Kramer …


2013-11-28: Feldgarten

2013-10-30: McBeautiful Relo Residence

2013-10-17: Bleakness de la beaché

2013-10-15: Baby Bat

2013-10-09: McPower-lines

2013-10-02: OMG BESTIES 4 LYF #sahcool

2013-09-19: Toasted Cheese Sandwich Adventures #opulence

2013-09-16: Through a Rainy Windscreen

2013-09-12: Some Friends of Mine

2013-09-04: Tiger-Lily #GermanShepherd

2013-08-24: YARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

2013-08-19: Economic excitement, people! #qanda

2013-08-18: ‘Almost-completely-open Sunglasses on Table Next to Random Drop of What One Would Assume to Be …


2013-08-15: MORE!!!

2013-08-15: Backyard Visitors

2013-08-15: I have to admit I’m lovin’ the ‘Oxf Tav’.

2013-08-15: THE HAIR

2013-08-14: BMW i8 Concept

2013-08-12: This is how we deal with things in Wollongong. #topclassinfrastructure

2013-08-10: Houçe de la McCreepé

2013-08-03: Interesting…

2013-08-02: Response to the Government’s campaign on asylum seeker policy…

2013-08-02: The Border of East Wollongong

2013-08-02: #Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland…#

2013-08-01: Bernard Fanning at Anita’s Theatre in Thirroul

2013-08-01: Vance Joy at Anita’s Theatre #Riptide

2013-07-23: Balkan Shoehorn: The Ultimate Wog Weapon

2013-07-23: Royal Martin Feld Refuge Island

2013-07-22: One of those evil driveways that becomes super-slippery after it has been raining… HOW ARE …

2013-07-20: Coin City

2013-07-14: Le Fly


2013-07-12: A Really Big Pineapple

2013-07-09: Yes, they do.

2013-07-06: Tengist við Íslending innan…

2013-07-03: Quality hospital read… feeling enlightened. Not sure about the young lad with the open shirt …

2013-06-20: ‘Noir Carpet Light Rays’ (Oooh yeah me so hipster…)

2013-06-18: Picking up le sister… ahh… waiting… at least the Sun is out now.

2013-06-17: Coffee time with Baba today… playin’ it cool…

2013-06-14: World’s Creepiest-looking Album, ‘Kveikur’, Secured…

2013-06-13: Théâtre des Ténèbres

2013-05-19: McBuildings

2013-05-19: “ARGH! YA HEDGE!”

2013-03-30: Cylon Capsicum

2013-03-28: Evan’s newest album takes an all-new musical direction… the wait is almost over! Coming …

2013-03-21: Le Porch

2013-03-18: Best Hospital Sign Ever…

2013-03-04: ATTACK!!!

2013-03-04: My Life Is Complete

2013-02-10: What’s That? Another iPod? Okay!

2013-01-13: The Brilliant Artist That I Am…

2013-01-08: Funny what you find whilst cleaning cupboards…

2013-01-07: Autodogfest

2012-12-22: #I’ve been waiting for Festivus for all my life… oh Lord#

2012-12-22: XMAS VS. FESTIVUS

2012-12-11: Caprican Fallout

2012-11-21: Mega-froth…

2012-11-14: iPod Therefore I Am

2012-10-19: Plant a la More Interésting with le Filter

2012-06-29: William Engages with iOS

2012-06-04: Creepy House

2012-06-01: Le Béan Bag: Le Pinnaclé le Comforts

2012-05-31: Last Linguistics Tutorial… Attendance is Looking Good

2012-05-28: T2 Chai (If Apple Were to Make Tea)

2012-05-24: iMac + R2D2

2012-03-03: Adjusting the ‘Ass Groove’

2012-02-13: Dystopian Pavers

2012-02-11: The Fahja Perspective

2012-02-11: WE FOLLOW THE HAWK!

2012-02-11: Survivor Tree Mail

2012-02-10: McBlinds a la McPrisoné je Figtrée


2012-02-10: Waiting for le Parents at le IPAC

2011-12-12: Surfboard Mat a la Jodie

2011-12-12: Drawers a la Jodie

2011-12-12: The McHeart Attack Burger

2011-12-12: Post-Foo Fighters McTrash

2011-12-12: Just a McCushion (…but Suss-looking)

2011-11-15: Ze Big Window

2011-05-17: Postmodern Pineapple

2011-05-16: My Morning Saviour

2011-04-16: Damp Grass a la Harry Graham (feat. Martin’s Feet)

2011-04-11: Pyjama Pant a la Jodie

2011-04-05: UOW Algaefest

2011-04-02: Rafters a la Feld

2011-03-15: Jodie’s Amazing Piano Skills

2011-03-13: McDining Wood

2011-02-10: Ancient Nordic Icon

2011-02-10: Rat with Wings

2011-02-10: Flags a la Port Kembla

2010-12-22: Lounge a la Macedonsk

2010-12-19: Doona

2010-12-18: Cardigan a la Jodie

2010-12-10: Maton EM325C

2010-12-10: The Mother’s Art

2010-11-25: La Emptina Medicara

2010-11-22: A Great Album

2010-11-21: My Shorts

2010-11-16: Mysterious McOwl

2010-11-13: Slate

2010-11-12: Number 8… (Burp)

2010-11-10: Prison No. 2

2010-11-10: Prison

2010-11-09: ‘Fully Sick’ Carpet

2010-11-09: My Ceiling!

2010-11-09: The base of ancient fry-pan technology.

2010-11-09: USB Hub a la R2-D2

2010-11-09: My McSunny Backyard

2010-11-08: Steve Martin on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’

Quick thoughts, photos and study updates