Feld Notes

This will be a highlight of 2019: Bamboleo with André Reyes (of the Gipsy Kings) in Sydney.

In a recent episode of ATP, John had a bit of a Fergie moment from The Black Eyed Peas.

Some cockatoos were out for a little walk and a feed in MacCabe Park today. They crack me up with their screeching and waddling.

I could not agree more with what @marco had to say about big podcasts on the latest ATP. People suggest shows to me every so often and they always feel scripted and overproduced. I want to hear genuine conversation.

Former Prime Minister (and regular buffoon) Tony Abbott was recently surprised by the seemingly new concept of a street library in his electorate of Warringah. Natasha and I spotted another one on Oxford Street in Sydney, so I thought that I would approach it as he did.

Perfect weather in Wollongong today!

Peak nerd: listening to Kyrie by Mr. Mister through the bedside-table iPod Hi-Fi (or ‘old HomePod’, as Natasha calls it). This kind of thematically appropriate time-wasting is possible on the Easter long weekend.

For guinea pigs, this is truly the life.

I Want It All by Queen is one of my favourite songs to play on the HomePods. In contrast to other artists we play, we’ve noticed that Rogue and Rio become more vocal and sing along whenever they hear Freddie Mercury’s voice. Genuine fans!

I was thrilled to spot a lyrebird in Morton National Park today! It sounded like various native birds were making noises in the same area, until I worked out that just one lyrebird was mimicking all of them. There was some traffic noise nearby but it could still be heard well.

Quick thoughts and photos