Today I saw a young kid out with family, riding a scooter and wearing a large crucifix. I accept that people raise kids with their own beliefs, however someone his age couldn’t possibly understand the weight of that symbol. Why decorate them with icons whose history they can’t yet comprehend? Kids are sponges and should be taught to question, not blindly accept.

Former Prime Minister (and regular buffoon) Tony Abbott was recently surprised by the seemingly new concept of a street library in his electorate of Warringah. Natasha and I spotted another one on Oxford Street in Sydney, so I thought that I would approach it as he did.

During a trip to the vet yesterday, Natasha discovered that one of our budgies, Rogue, is in fact female. Now all of her bonding with Rio makes sense: they’re lovers, not brothers! The breeder from whom we bought them was clearly wrong. 😂

The Easter long weekend is drawing to a close. It was fantastic to have the time to catch up with family and friends… most of it unplanned!