I’m a big fan of the new, quirky Arthur’s Food Store on Wentworth Street in Port Kembla. I carry on about this area all the time. It’s so misunderstood but has such great history.

The same people in the office ask me frequently if I am experiencing computer and Internet issues at the same time as they are. My answer is always, ‘No, I’m using a Mac’.

I can watch these two for ages. Animals live in the moment in a way that humans generally can’t achieve.

It’s great to have Alien join me at my desk at work. Hopefully it will frighten anyone away who considers interrupting me. 😉

I visited the Sydney office for a work event. It is a pretentious place and the coffee machine didn’t work.

It’s amusing to me when people at work say to me that twenty-somethings are entitled and way less knowledgeable than they think that they are. I don’t think these people realise that they’re sharing that view directly with a twenty-something.