Feld Notes

Hi, @fabio! I enjoyed reading your review after @canion tagged me above—thanks for the notification, Andrew!

I hope you don’t mind, but as someone who really enjoyed Resurrections, and meeting the expectations that Andrew probably has for one of my typically-long responses 😂, I thought that I'd write a counter-review that is based on my own opinion and understanding of the franchise. (I very much enjoyed writing it after reading yours carefully.)

As you’ll notice, I disagree with your assessment, but that’s what makes it fun! 👍🏽 I’ve written each answer to match and address the headings and bullet-points of your initial blog post. Thank you for tolerating my very long response; I'd love to hear if you have any further thoughts!

Apologies to @jean and everyone else here for the fact that the post was all originally in the reply.