Feld Notes

05 Feb 2023

Enjoying the ‘Thinking Through Pink’ exhibition at Wollongong Art Gallery

23 Jan 2023

Checking out the car park after another trike ride

22 Jan 2023

My brother-in-law and his girlfriend bought this toy car for my son and I’m incredibly jealous.

22 Jan 2023

Last night’s lovely dinner with @NTKF, at our favourite restaurant in Wollongong! 😍

Fans of @HemisphericViews will notice @Burk’s beloved initialism in the name of the restaurant. 😂

20 Jan 2023

During a lovely visit to Stuart Park and Fairy Creek (and subsequent fish and chips), Mac learnt that at his age he can get away with not sticking to the left.

18 Jan 2023

Watching the world go by

14 Jan 2023

Fun at HONK! Oz Festival of Street Music with @NTKF and Mac in Crown Street Mall, Wollongong

10 Jan 2023

Conversation of the day (overheard on a Sydney escalator)…

‘Are you electricians?’

‘Nah, are you?’



09 Jan 2023

A little trike ride through Crown Street Mall with Aunty @jodiefeld 🌇 ❤️

07 Jan 2023

Fun summer trike rides at the university with Mac and @NTKF

06 Jan 2023

Calling Papou on a (now free) payphone

04 Jan 2023

Back from a wonderful trip down the coast to Sussex Inlet! I’m grateful for the extra family time this holiday.

01 Jan 2023

Chalk fun on @jodiefeld’s birthday (feat. Feld Foot mini)

30 Dec 2022

Today, @NTKF and I saw the Australian Geographic Our Country Immersive Experience in Sydney—a 360-degree audiovisual showcase of the continent. It was one of the most moving things I’ve ever seen. Keep an eye out for it.

28 Dec 2022

Farm boy

27 Dec 2022

Fun in Papou’s garden ❤️

25 Dec 2022

A wonderful but exhausting Christmas Day! Mac was spoilt by the extended family, of course, and I spent a good deal of time editing and distributing photos through the wonderful feature that is shared albums in Photos!

24 Dec 2022

Mac hugs a kangaroo at Symbio Wildlife Park.

22 Dec 2022

Following an earlier discussion on @HemisphericViews, I thought that @burk would appreciate this.

(CBD + Mac’s ‘Feld Feet’)

16 Dec 2022

This time on Really Specific Stories, I’m joined by @ismh, who delves into the history of Relay FM and explains his shift to podcasting and running a business—all the while balancing the needs of advertisers, co-hosts, members and of course, family.

Listen today. 🎧

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14 Dec 2022

This is my first go at using the new microposting feature in MarsEdit 5—nice one, @danielpunkass!

07 Dec 2022

In the latest episode of Really Specific Stories, I’m joined by @liss, who kindly shares the story of his tech fandom and his experiences as an independent developer and podcaster. 😀

Listen today! 🎧

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04 Dec 2022

Fun with chalk at the uni!

03 Dec 2022

Hanging out with lorikeets, cockatoos, ducks and turkeys at the University of Wollongong

03 Dec 2022

Macaroni on a bridge