Feld Notes

21 Sep 2021

Listen to 68. On a Country Road with Andrew McLuhan on Lounge Ruminator. In this podcast episode, we discuss his poetry, ways of slowing down our digital lives and how to continue (and challenge) family tradition.

29 Aug 2021

This rainbow sticker makes me very happy.

18 Aug 2021

Gotcha nose!

15 Aug 2021

Joining Micro Camp live with @Burk and @canion on @HemisphericViews is a highlight of my podcasting experience. Thank you, @jean and @manton, and to all who listened to ep. 035.

Now keen to catch up on videos! 🙂

14 Aug 2021

Preparing for Hemispheric Views Live! from Micro.camp with a double-shot flat white (and a piccolo for the supportive @NTKF). Hope to see you there soon, along with @Burk and @canion!

Excuse the lack of reusable cups as I walk past Australia Post… thank you, virus!

09 Aug 2021

Brick is still one of my all-time favourite games—so simple and engaging!

07 Aug 2021

A cute, little garden next to Wollongong Golf Club—I love the overturned pot!

01 Aug 2021

Months later, I can say unequivocally that the iPhone 12 mini is the first phone that I have ever purchased that has not disappointed me in some way or left me longing for something. Coming from an 11 Pro, the overall design, size, weight and feature set are brilliant.

31 Jul 2021

Watching Rage on ABC TV with Mac! Indoctrination starts young.

11 Jul 2021

Back at the Wollongong Botanic Garden, this time looking towards the Kawasaki Bridge!

10 Jul 2021

A gorgeous eucalypt at the Wollongong Botanic Garden

04 Jul 2021

YES! After finding the appropriate tape at Officeworks for my vintage DYMO JET 1855 MK II—with much help from @NTKF—I’ve made a label to replace the Samsung logo on my 4K display.

(I’m not against Samsung… just not a fan of the logo.)

28 Jun 2021

After seeing this lovely desktop screenshot today by @Burk, I thought that I’d share my current one as well. 🖥

19 Jun 2021

In episode 65 of Lounge Ruminator, my special guest @vincent shares his personal story of becoming an independent app developer, ranging from his earliest use of computers to the creation of apps like @Gluon for Micro.blog. Have a listen! 🎙 🙂

17 Jun 2021

Wentworth Street, Port Kembla

16 Jun 2021

Still thinking about our beautiful walk around Lake Illawarra on the long weekend… Also, we have swans to rival @canion’s in Western Australia! 😜

06 Jun 2021
21 May 2021

If you listen to @HemisphericViews, you might have noticed that I tend to speak the least. In episode 028, I’m replaced almost entirely by the more beautiful and arguably funnier @NTKF. My position may be under threat! 😜 Check it out.

18 May 2021

If you haven’t listened to the latest Hemispheric Views, I’d be grateful if you had a go at it! In the personality test that we took for the show, I was amused to discover that I’m an ‘orchestrator’. I think that it runs in the family; we like to have our way… and quickly!

17 May 2021

As they say on the hilarious ABC TV series The Letdown, ‘How about a home mocha?’ 😂

14 May 2021

Rocky cleans her tail-feathers. ❤️🐦

12 May 2021
09 May 2021

Beautiful banksia at the University of Wollongong

09 May 2021

Well, @vincent, I have to say that I love the golden/super-yellow icon option in the current @gluon Testflight version. (The other features are great too but I had to mention the colour.)

03 May 2021

Another great Mulga piece, this time at the University of Wollongong 🎨🦆