Feld Notes

31 Dec 2021

S1 E11: Remembering Penka and Petar

This time, I’m joined by my sister, Jodie, to share memories of our grandparents, Penka and Petar. Unfortunately, we los...
31 Dec 2021

Of course, I had to see The Matrix Resurrections for a second time yesterday, but I was amused to see that the location-aware ticket in Apple Wallet displayed Neo and Trinity as if they were trapped in my watch. How personal and meta!

30 Dec 2021

Thanks to all who have supported @HemisphericViews this year! We appreciate the attention of all Hemisphereans and hope that you enjoy the final episode for 2021. 🤩 (Also, we thought that we’d break our own rule this time and exceed an hour…)

27 Dec 2021

Uni walks in the summertime ❤️

26 Dec 2021

Here’s my brief, spoiler-free review of The Matrix Resurrections: an awesome and oh-so-satisfying extension of the franchise that perfectly blends the old, the new and the meta; I liked it even more than I thought that I would. 🎥

03 Dec 2021

A lovely advent calendar gift full of T2 tea from @NTKF ❤️

04 Nov 2021

It’s Nostalgic November at Hemispheric Views—a time to share anything from your past that makes you happy. On our shared blog, I’ve added a piece about one of my all-time favourite games: You Don’t Know Jack from 1995.

Share your own nostalgic item with us @HemisphericViews!

04 Nov 2021

Here’s a little teaser for a small part of a very specific segment of our upcoming episode of @HemisphericViews today. (What a mouthful!) You’d be right to assume that my desk doesn’t normally look like this. 😂

28 Oct 2021
27 Oct 2021

Lunchtime walk!

26 Oct 2021

More Halide Macro Mode shots with iPhone 12 mini

26 Oct 2021

Software is amazing. I have an iPhone 12 mini (not one of the new models), but I’ve been able to achieve some interesting close-up shots with Halide’s new Macro Mode. Check it out if you’re using an earlier iPhone.

22 Oct 2021

Recently over @HemisphericViews we’ve started a new playlist on our YouTube channel called ‘Virtual Tourist Corner’. @canion kicked things off with a cool video of Perth; now I’m showing off my home town of Wollongong. Check it out! 🙂 @Burk is next!

19 Oct 2021

Mac lost one of his socks during our family walk today; I’m pleased to report that after retracing the entire route, I located the missing sock, thereby rescuing it from suburban wilderness. Crisis averted!

17 Oct 2021

We just recorded episode 40 of @HemisphericViews—whaaa…?!—so I’m celebrating with a juicy tangelo. Keep an eye out in your feeds later this week!

04 Oct 2021

A nice family walk through the Wollongong Botanic Garden

24 Sep 2021

Seinfeld fans start young!

21 Sep 2021

Listen to 68. On a Country Road with Andrew McLuhan on Lounge Ruminator. In this podcast episode, we discuss his poetry, ways of slowing down our digital lives and how to continue (and challenge) family tradition.

28 Aug 2021

This rainbow sticker makes me very happy.

18 Aug 2021

Gotcha nose!

15 Aug 2021

Joining Micro Camp live with @Burk and @canion on @HemisphericViews is a highlight of my podcasting experience. Thank you, @jean and @manton, and to all who listened to ep. 035.

Now keen to catch up on videos! 🙂

14 Aug 2021

Preparing for Hemispheric Views Live! from Micro.camp with a double-shot flat white (and a piccolo for the supportive @NTKF). Hope to see you there soon, along with @Burk and @canion!

Excuse the lack of reusable cups as I walk past Australia Post… thank you, virus!

09 Aug 2021

Brick is still one of my all-time favourite games—so simple and engaging!

07 Aug 2021

A cute, little garden next to Wollongong Golf Club—I love the overturned pot!

01 Aug 2021

Months later, I can say unequivocally that the iPhone 12 mini is the first phone that I have ever purchased that has not disappointed me in some way or left me longing for something. Coming from an 11 Pro, the overall design, size, weight and feature set are brilliant.