PhD Study Journal: Entry 1 📝

Wooo! I finally finished reading Mapping Media Ecology: Introduction to the Field, which is a comprehensive text on the history, purpose and contributions of media ecology as a ‘metadiscipline’. Whilst I found a variety of references for my initial thesis proposal, I felt that it was important to tackle the what, how and why of the field. There are so many specific texts, heuristics and research approaches from numerous scholars that it wouldn’t have made sense to dive into journals and essays without getting a grip on the terminology first. It took me forever to write down copious notes but I now have the base knowledge to continue. (So far, Ulysses has been an invaluable tool for building my notes in Markdown and adding keywords. I hope that it will make it easier to track things over time.)

Figtree High School’s 50th Anniversary

It was nostalgic and hilarious to go back to our local high school today, seeing historical displays, new gardens and refurbished facilities. My mum, sister and I—all students there—had a great time catching up with old friends. Of course, they had some cringeworthy photos there too…

I’m super-pleased that my Feld Notes podcast is now available in Apple’s directory. It’s still a bit of an experiment at the moment—as a peripheral part of my PhD studies—however I’m looking forward to doing more and improving my skills in the space. 🎙

A Melbourne moment… hearing someone yell on the street, ‘I’ll add you on LinkedIn!’.

I’m in Melbourne for work today and whenever I visit, I feel like it’s a bizarro version of Sydney where the streets make sense and the footpaths have space for more than two people at a time. It’s good fun to observe the hustle and bustle of the place.