Feld Notes

20 Aug 2022

Awaiting Max Richter’s Four Seasons Recomposed by the Sydney Symphony!

Audience files into the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall

16 Aug 2022


A bus-stop sign with cracking paint and the line number 'S9'

15 Aug 2022

Overlooking Wollongong from Mt. Keira

A leafy escarpment and city meet the sea with a blue sky overhead

14 Aug 2022

Mount Keira

A road going down a hill, with a mountain and blue sky overhead

14 Aug 2022

Exploring Baba’s yard

A baby climbing stairs under trees

13 Aug 2022

Glósóli excerpt

13 Aug 2022

Musical perfection—enjoying Sigur Rós in Sydney with @jodiefeld

08 Aug 2022

This time on Really Specific Stories, I chat with @jean!

Jean recalls her extensive history of podcast listening and production; along the way, she covers her work in technology and online community management and her interest in productivity and sci-fi. Listen now. 🎙

Orange RSS podcast artwork with the name 'Jean MacDonald'

07 Aug 2022

Around town

04 Aug 2022

A male king parrot in the macadamia tree next to our balcony 🦜

02 Aug 2022

Turbo Mac up the corridor ❤️

01 Aug 2022

In today’s episode of Really Specific Stories, I chat with @furstenberg!

Michael recounts his early podcast consumption, expands on his music fandom and offers a Norwegian perspective on US-centric tech discussion. Listen now. 🎙

24 Jul 2022

It was a lovely evening with @jodiefeld and my aunt Francine, as we heard the Sydney Symphony Orchestra play Barton’s Of the Earth and Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 in the refurbished concert hall at the Opera House. 🎵

19 Jul 2022

In today’s episode of Really Specific Stories, you’ll hear @superdavey featured as a guest!

David shares why he finds the relatability of tech podcasters important and how his commitment to running has influenced his audio preferences. Listen now. 🎙

RSS icon with the name David Brown underneath it

12 Jul 2022

I pack leftovers for my lunch, then step away and return to the fridge later in the evening to find these surprise labels. @NTKF is a funny woman. 😂

Two containers with the text 'lunch of Mr. Feld' deliberately misspelt as 'Field' and 'Feild'

08 Jul 2022

I’m thrilled to launch Really Specific Stories, a PhD podcast that explores tech-podcast fandom with creators and listeners.

At launch, there are three episodes: an intro and interviews with my @HemisphericViews co-hosts, @Burk and @canion—plus more to come!

Listen today.

Podcast artwork and apps displayed across an Apple Watch, iPad mini (6th gen.), iPhone 12 mini and white iPod Video docked in an iPod Hi-Fi

05 Jul 2022

Today at work, I had a lovely surprise visit from @NTKF and little Mac. 😍

02 Jul 2022

I have no idea what’s happening but it’s interesting enough. 😂

02 Jul 2022

Hangin’ with Johnny Farnham for the 90-year ABC special on Rage. Mac is loving it, of course. 😂

22 Jun 2022

Here is an advanced example of critical public discourse about the earlier privatisation of Australia’s largest telecommunications provider. 📞💸

Graffiti on a Telstra phone booth

13 Jun 2022

A lovely morning in Kiama with @NTKF, @jodiefeld, Mum and Mac ☀️

05 Jun 2022

Last night, @NTKF and I watched The Bob’s Burgers Movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. Funnily enough, they screened it in this dedicated kids’ cinema, with a little playground down the front. You can bet that we went down the slide and did some mini-parkour after the movie. 😂

27 May 2022

If I’m ever in a bit of a funk or need some form of distraction, this is one of the best songs. Not to mention this one… basically anything by The Whitlams.

21 May 2022

Enjoying a post-voting democracy sausage on election day with @NTKF, baby Mac and Pappou Dionisios! ❤️🌭

19 May 2022

As we bid adieu to iPod, here’s my little collection shelf at home; discover more (along with other topics) on episode 058 of @HemisphericViews. 🎵🙂