Feld Notes

Aug 2018

Rainbow Lorikeet Couple

I was going through some old animal shots of mine and came across this one of two rainbow lorikeets. For quite some time, these two birds have landed on the railing of our rear balcony, happily accepting grapes and pieces of apple.


One of them always lands across from the kitchen window, whistling and chirping to gain our attention. Sometimes it will even waddle along the railing, peering through the other windows to find us. When we do finally head outside and arrange some pieces of fruit, its mate will flutter down from a nearby tree to join for morning tea.

After a while, the one that always arrives first did become comfortable enough to eat straight out of our hands. The other remains a bit more cautious, so we don’t push it.

It’s wonderful to have such a variety of birds in the trees that surround my home. I couldn’t imagine living without this diversity of wildlife.