Feld Notes

Jan 2020

Initial Impressions of New York City

As an Australian, here are some initial impressions of the US after only a few days in NYC:

  • Everyone is exceptionally polite and loves to say ‘You’re welcome’;
  • The toilets are interesting, as many don’t have lids and they contain excessive water;
  • The coffee isn’t bad at all but it’s certainly frothy;
  • Children are very loud and expressive;
  • The diversity of people on the street is fantastic;
  • Milkshakes are excellent;
  • The reliance on cash, lack of a common goods and sales tax and the prevalence of fiddly coinage are a little annoying;
  • People love to beep their car horns; and
  • Within our limited experience at this stage, the subway is actually a pleasure to use.