Feld Notes

Jan 2020

On this Day in 2015: Interface Design Exhibition in Sydney

I really do love the Memories feature in Photos for iOS. It surfaced this gem!

On this day, five years ago, @NTKF kindly joined me to see the Interface exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum, with pieces from Braun, Apple, NeXT, IBM, Sony and more. My sister, Jodie, was also generous enough to get the official exhibition book for me afterwards, which she had signed by the curator.

Here are some of the photos that I took on the day.

Outside the Power House Museum, standing in a paved courtyardEntering the exhibition space under a bannerDemocratic design section with old radios from Nazi times and later, Rams's design at BraunThe first computer mouse (wooden)Early German electric water kettleApple I installed in a briefcaseSusan Kare's icon set from Classic Mac OS in the 1980sApple and NeXTRadio and inspired design for Sony WalkmanPowerMac Cube G4iMac G3 and Apple Studio DisplayiPad next to a portabke chalkboard, showing their similarities in use and design