Feld Notes

Jan 2020

LA’s Crown Jewel: Griffith Observatory

Today, @NTKF and I wrapped up our tour of Los Angeles, starting and ending the day with visits to Griffith Observatory. Los Angeles is a complicated place and certainly isn’t my favourite destination but this particular spot upon the mountaintop made it all worth it.

The views there are spectacular—day and night—and we relished the opportunity to use the publicly accessible 12-inch telescope. Not to mention, the Samuel Oshin Planetarium displayed a fantastic show called Center of the Universe and the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theater showed a short documentary on the history of the observatory, hosted by Nimoy himself. Hilariously, he introduces the theatre in the video and watches himself on the screen, turning to give the camera a cheesy smile.

Also, the scientific exhibits wouldn’t be complete without a cool demo of a Tesla Coil.

Visit this special place!