Feld Notes

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A Brief Conversation with the Attendant at Monterey Express Wash Laundromat

Attendant: Have you heard of Brokenwood Mysteries?

Martin: No, I haven’t. What’s that?

Attendant: You haven’t?! Brokenwood Mysteries is a great show. It’s from her country! (pointing at Natasha)

Martin: (wondering which country he must be from instead but deciding to let that go) Which country is that then?

Attendant: Australia… oh wait, my mistake! It’s a Canadian show.

Martin: No worries! Yes, we’re from Australia and I haven’t heard of that show. Is it a true crime one?

Attendant: No, it’s a whodunnit. Wait, no… it is definitely Australian! (She starts to check YouTube.) See them, in the picture! Do you know them? It’s an Australian show.

Martin: (checking on Wikipedia) It’s from New Zealand.

Attendant: Oh yes, that’s right.