Feld Notes

Jan 2022

Surprise Matrix Birthday Party!

I must extend a huge THANK YOU to the wonderful @NTKF, who coordinated a surprise Matrix-themed 30th birthday party with my mum, aunt and sister @jodiefeld!

Arriving at my mum’s for a planned dinner, Natasha sent me away for something that was apparently ‘forgotten’, where I found an image of a white rabbit, then returned to be welcomed at the door by Morpheus (Jodie), who offered me the choice of the blue or red pill. After taking the red pill, I entered to find Trinity (Natasha) with Spoon Boy (Mac) in the lounge room, who then guided me through hanging matrix code that was made out of crêpe paper, where the Oracle (my mum) was waiting in the kitchen with a plate of cookies. Following all of this, Agent Smith (my aunt) arrived to ‘crash’ the party. They were all even in costume and had remembered segments of dialogue from the first movie for added authenticity.

Not only was there a delectable Merovingian chocolate cake, I also enjoyed a scrumptious Cypher-style steak dinner and red jelly bowls for dessert, with each one containing a tiny plastic baby as a hilarious and disturbing tribute to the foetus fields.

I have an excellent family and a highly organised and considerate wife.