This Micro Monday, say hi to @baldur, who posts interesting articles that range from culture to tech. 🙂

I always enjoy a good walk during lunchtime at work. This raven was doing its typical Australian whinge sound as I stumbled upon wild mushrooms.

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon and I’m sitting down, reading a great book in the comfort of my home. Too often, I’m in a rush or stressing about trivial things. It’s good to savour these moments and be grateful for what we have. Be satisfied.

If you haven’t heard the latest episode of Accidental Tech Podcast, check it out. @liss, @marco and @siracusa conducted an engaging interview with Phil Schiller, covering WWDC, developer relations and App Store improvements, as well as what drives fans’ interest.

On this wonderfully rainy day, Rogue and Rio are perched on their play-centre and happily singing along to The Globalist by Muse as it plays through the HomePods. 🌏🧨💥🔊🎵🎶🦜🦜

This is how we do playgrounds in Wollongong… stick a palm tree through sandstone!

Natasha brought this surprise home for me today! The grip on the bottom is particularly amusing. I’ve never had copyright information on my soles before.