S1 E9 — Remembering Toni

Penka bravely and generously recounts the loss of her son, Toni.


In episode 55 of Lounge Ruminator, I explore what it means to have memories, how they differ from (and complement) history and how they have been represented in a particularly controversial, new film. 🎙

This is the look of a man who was asked by his wife to pose for a photo of his new M1 Mac mini. To hear about this indulgent purchase, along with @canion’s 5000 picks for Media Corner and why @burk always drinks multiple beverages at once, listen to the latest Hemispheric Views.

Hear 53. Excess Energy and Urban Eyesores on Lounge Ruminator. 🎙

In the next HVmini, it’s @canion’s turn to be cross-examined! Hear how he justifies his own set-up at home on his desk. 🎙

Have a spare nine minutes? In our first bite-sized HVmini, @burk and @canion cross-examine me in the witness box / on the stand about my desk set-up at home. They don’t hold back! Listen to the minisode. 🎙 (More to come…) 😉

Day 9: I certainly wouldn’t force you to listen to it but this is my song of the year. #mbnov

Day 8: Most people think that Vegemite is the food that binds Australia; in fact, it’s the food that divides the nation. In this week’s episode of Lounge Ruminator (prompted by @canion), I discuss the controversial spread. #mbnov

Day 7: Reports from the press about how much food I ate at the local German club tonight are grossly inflated. #mbnov

Day 6: Some people may find my devotion to Vegemite to be puzzling; I firmly believe that it’s better without butter. That being said, it tastes great with avocado. For more Australian strangeness, check out my podcast with @burk and @canion. #mbnov

Microblogvember 2020 Day 5: I had to stoop to take this photo at the uni with my ultra-wide lens.

We’ve shared episode five of Hemispheric Views early to give you a light-hearted break from politics! This time, we chat about the world of doorbells, I make an official retraction and @burk makes CFO @canion nervous by suggesting that we give away our money. Listen today. 🎙😀

Microblogvember 2020 Day 4: I always feel so grateful to live near the sea.

Microblogvember 2020 Day 3: It never ceases to astonish me that people can be bothered to maintain hedges. This being said, I do not seek to admonish those who pursue such horticultural skills with donnish fervour—that would be commonish.

Microblogvember 2020 Day 2: Each day, I go for a lunchtime walk to step away from the screen and improve my ability to concentrate.

50. Curb and Posting on Lounge Ruminator 🎙

Microblogvember 2020 Day 1: I love dreary, rainy days… Mount Keira often looks quite cool when it’s obscured by low-lying clouds.

In addition to my family, of course, this is what I live for…

A mango sliced into thirds, two of which are hedgehog-style and one of which is the seed, all sitting on a wooden chopping board

Today I managed to disturb a flock of cockies as they ate afternoon tea.

Please enjoying 49. Personal Podcastings on a Borat Moviefilms for Make Appreciation on a Home Cinemas on Lounge Ruminator 🎙. Chenqui.

Eucalypts are the best trees—case closed.

In ‘iChunes’ on Hemispheric Views, @canion shares his experience with Apple Watch Series 6, @burk gets excited for iPhone 12 mini and I rave about HomePod. We also kick off ‘Media Corner’ and discuss Australian views on Halloween. 🎙

Do you listen to our Hemispheric Views podcast and own an Apple Watch? If so, it’s your lucky day! 😂 Co-host @burk has made and shared a customisable HV watch face. Here it is in action; have a go for yourself! ⌚️🎙

Rocky doesn’t care for showers but she does enjoy perching on them. 🦜🚿

Rumination 71: Tree Lines