Feld Notes

05 Nov 2020

We’ve shared episode five of Hemispheric Views early to give you a light-hearted break from politics! This time, we chat about the world of doorbells, I make an official retraction and @burk makes CFO @canion nervous by suggesting that we give away our money. Listen today. 🎙😀

04 Nov 2020

Microblogvember 2020 Day 4: I always feel so grateful to live near the sea.

03 Nov 2020

Microblogvember 2020 Day 3: It never ceases to astonish me that people can be bothered to maintain hedges. This being said, I do not seek to admonish those who pursue such horticultural skills with donnish fervour—that would be commonish.

02 Nov 2020

Microblogvember 2020 Day 2: Each day, I go for a lunchtime walk to step away from the screen and improve my ability to concentrate.

02 Nov 2020

50. Curb and Posting on Lounge Ruminator 🎙

01 Nov 2020

Microblogvember 2020 Day 1: I love dreary, rainy days… Mount Keira often looks quite cool when it’s obscured by low-lying clouds.

30 Oct 2020

In addition to my family, of course, this is what I live for…

A mango sliced into thirds, two of which are hedgehog-style and one of which is the seed, all sitting on a wooden chopping board

26 Oct 2020

Today I managed to disturb a flock of cockies as they ate afternoon tea.

25 Oct 2020
23 Oct 2020

Eucalypts are the best trees—case closed.

22 Oct 2020

In ‘iChunes’ on Hemispheric Views, @canion shares his experience with Apple Watch Series 6, @burk gets excited for iPhone 12 mini and I rave about HomePod. We also kick off ‘Media Corner’ and discuss Australian views on Halloween. 🎙

22 Oct 2020

Do you listen to our Hemispheric Views podcast and own an Apple Watch? If so, it’s your lucky day! 😂 Co-host @burk has made and shared a customisable HV watch face. Here it is in action; have a go for yourself! ⌚️🎙

21 Oct 2020

Rocky doesn’t care for showers but she does enjoy perching on them. 🦜🚿

19 Oct 2020
18 Oct 2020

48. Serious Leisure on Lounge Ruminator 🎙

15 Oct 2020

A quote by @NTKF to my mum and sister today, after I was carrying on about audio: ‘If it weren’t for my thinking about practical furnishings, Martin would be sitting on cushions under an IKEA Hektar lamp like Steve Jobs, with nothing else in the house other than HomePods’.

14 Oct 2020

Today I found a water dragon relaxing on a driveway—a day in the life of a suburban reptile! Thanks, Micro.blog for the friends and civil discourse that you bring.

Keiraville NSW 13:08 14/10/20 #adayinthelife

11 Oct 2020

47. My German Autoethnography on Lounge Ruminator 🎙

10 Oct 2020

If you’ve heard our podcast Hemispheric Views and enjoyed it, feel free to join our new, public Discord! 🎙📱 We welcome questions and suggestions as we develop the show over time. 😀

09 Oct 2020

The MF branding iron! Hear more about this strange item on Hemispheric Views. 🎙

08 Oct 2020

This time on Hemispheric Views, @burk, @canion and I were thrilled to welcome @macgenie to discuss the upcoming 24-hour photography challenge, the oldest things that we can find at home and which of our myriad media services we will keep. Listen to 003: It’s Very Internet! 🎙

07 Oct 2020

A beautiful walk through Nyrang Park, featuring bees with little pollen pants!

28 Sep 2020

Time for desktop and home-screen updates! Here’s the latest view of my devices.

28 Sep 2020

Today, I reflect on a year of podcasting in ‘45. A Ticking Clock’ on Lounge Ruminator. 🎙

27 Sep 2020

S1 E8: Working as Migrants

This time, Penka shares what it was like for her and Petar to work in Australia with limited English. Also her ever-pre...