One of the things that I’ve always missed about Australia whenever I’ve travelled overseas is the look of our native plants, particularly eucalypts. There’s just something about the harsh dryness and textures of the bark that scream ‘home’ to me.

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Hockey Husband-to-Be

I decided to take the good ol’ Canon to my fiancée’s hockey game on the weekend and found it to be a surprisingly fun place to photograph. I might have been a bit annoying as I paced around the field! 📸🏑⛰

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Today I experienced what is quite possibly the worst first-world problem ever: forgetting to take my AirPods to work. Each day, I make sure to take my lunch outside, so that I can enjoy the sunshine and go for a walk. These walks invariably involve listening to podcasts such as The Talk Show, ATP, Revisionist History and shows by Relay FM.

I realised that I had left my AirPods at home as I went to the microwave to reheat my leftover gnocchi for lunch. I have an iPhone 7 Plus and do not keep a Lightning adapter for an auxiliary cable, so this was a most dire situtation. The idea of going outside for a walk without my current podcast seemed horrific. To remedy the situation, I had to go down a slightly less comfortable (and much nerdier) path. I pulled out the old, wired Sony headphones in my desk drawer along with my 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

After I finished my gnocchi, I embarked on my journey through the mini-forest next to my office building, plastic headphones clicking in my ears and iPad bouncing in my hand with each step. I’m pretty sure that I looked about as ridiculous as people who use iPads to record live concerts.

All in all, things were fine but it really wasn’t the same. With AirPods, I have been absolutely ruined. Do not make the same mistake that I did.

Cheap, Fast Furniture

After watching the recent second season of War on Waste on ABC TV, I’ve been taking even more notice of how different retailers deal with packaging, products and their overall rubbish.

IKEA was one of the main subjects of a particular episode, as host Craig Reucassel spoke with the head of the Australian arm about the issue of discarded furniture that litters many suburban streets. Upon entering IKEA in Tempe for a bit of a shop-around today, I was pleased to see the following sign.


The company is obviously trying to deal with the issue and discourage people from tossing its furniture into landfill. I hope that other retailers are watching and taking note.

Of course, the responsibility also falls on consumers to only buy what they really need, as well as reuse and recycle appropriately.

Rainbow Lorikeet Couple

I was going through some old animal shots of mine and came across this one of two rainbow lorikeets. For quite some time, these two birds have landed on the railing of our rear balcony, happily accepting grapes and pieces of apple.


One of them always lands across from the kitchen window, whistling and chirping to gain our attention. Sometimes it will even waddle along the railing, peering through the other windows to find us. When we do finally head outside and arrange some pieces of fruit, its mate will flutter down from a nearby tree to join for morning tea.

After a while, the one that always arrives first did become comfortable enough to eat straight out of our hands. The other remains a bit more cautious, so we don’t push it.

It’s wonderful to have such a variety of birds in the trees that surround my home. I couldn’t imagine living without this diversity of wildlife.


I love native Australian birds but my favourite has to be the sulphur-crested cockatoo. They’re inquisitive, very screechy and generally hilarious in the way that they behave and waddle around the place. I’m lucky to have frequent cockatoo visitors in my backyard that don’t chew our timber. Quite often I forget just how large they are. Here’s a recent visitor.

The Perfect Pet

I’ve never been much of a pet person but I have always loved other people’s animals—particularly dogs. My fiancée Natasha did manage to convince me about the brilliance of guinea pigs, however, as they are cheap, cause absolutely no fuss and remain still for long periods of time. They’re so indifferent, in fact, that they can be arranged into cute poses with little trouble. I’m pleased to introduce to Paco (white) and Coco (brown), both of which were wondering what on Earth was going on (but did nothing to stop it).

I had the opportunity to cover my company’s day of official announcements for its financial year results. It was held at the The Westin Sydney… not a bad building at all! 🌇

This is my beloved Wollongong with Port Kembla in the centre. It’s a place of great beauty, with a narrow coastal strip sandwiched by a low-lying mountain range and the ocean. There also happens to be a gigantic industrial port.