das Olympiastadion

I’ve taken many photos whenever I’ve travelled but this has to be one of my favourites. It was a very cloudy day at the Berlin Olympic Stadium late in 2014 and almost deserted, except for a couple of other tourists on the opposite side of the venue.

This will sound pretentious but the 1930s architecture (upgraded for modern standards and events) made it feel like you were caught in some sort of time-warp—stuck between then and now. The atmosphere was both calm and eerie.

Are there any other microbloggers out there whose family members constantly fall asleep during films and TV programmes?

Long Exposure with iPhone

A relatively recent iOS software addition that I wish that I could use more often is long-exposure photography. Live photos have been impressive since the feature was launched with the iPhone 6s but the inclusion of new effects made it even more appealing. It’s simply amazing to me that iPhones can now take pictures with effects that were once reserved for the world of manual DSLRs.

Moving water is arguably one of the nicest things to shoot with long exposure and since I spend most of my day at a desk, that does explain why I don’t use it as much as I would like.

They add a really cool feeling of motion and do have somewhat of a different look from equivalent pictures that are taken with DSLRs… their haze creates an almost dreamlike quality.

I had a look through my photo library and found a number of particularly nice ones around the city of Wollongong.

If you own an iPhone and aren’t taking live photos, then you should give it a go.

The Big Phone!

When I first made a phone call Dick-Tracy-style (and through AirPods) with my Apple Watch, I thought that felt futuristic. There’s something just as cool about conducting a phone call with a HomePod in your lounge room. I do love the nice touch of the flickering green light as you speak to it. The stuff of sci-fi is really here today and when people whinge about certain aspects of tech, I am often a little bit flabbergasted. Look at what we can do!

Also, on the watch topic, I rewatched a bit of Batman Forever on TV tonight (a childhood favourite) and was amused to see Bruce Wayne having a video call with Alfred on his watch. I had forgotten that part of the film and was amused when I noticed that the watch had no front-facing camera, yet Alfred seemed to be able to see Bruce. The crown was also pointing to the left, which suggests that if Batman had an Apple Watch today, he most likely would flip the orientation. This whole segment seemed somewhat prescient but also quite wrong.

You can always expect hard-hitting analysis and commentary here.

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit the Sydney Opera House… it still blows me away.


Inspired by the home screens of @endonend and @pyrmont, here’s mine. You can probably tell that I don’t care much for notification badges. Like Frank Costanza’s feelings towards tinsel, I find them distracting.


I was going through some old photos, when suddenly I stumbled on this Messages screenshot from 2015: Natasha noticed that I had become what Apple refers to as the ‘Man Pedestrian’. What’s now equally flabbergasting to me is how long that I’ve lived with the Apple Watch. I don’t think that I could function day-to-day now without it.