It’s great when Natasha is on school holidays because she can meet me for lunch whilst I’m at work. It was lovely to sit together at MM Beach in Port Kembla today.

One of the benefits of being married to a primary school teacher is that she sometimes finds old Apple stuff and brings it home for me. Here are two Apple USB Keyboards from 1998 and 1999! ⌨️

I’m watching Natasha play hockey today and it is so windy that the clubhouse in which I’m standing seems like it could be blown over at any moment.

Strewth, mate… now that’s a bloody Aussie trophy cabinet. The broken shelf and dodgy doors? She’ll be right…

Cabinet with broken shelf and doors

I’m grateful to work with such supportive people. Still, the best thing to happen was being given a Mac. Really, macOS enables me to do so much more than Windows. Microsoft has come a long way and Office 365 is good, but the OS is still ordinary.