Tonight we’ll be having our weekly dinner at my mum’s place and all that I can think about right now is the self-saucing chocolate pudding that we’ll be eating for dessert. It’s killing me.

The show that I easily miss watching the most would have to be Battlestar Galactica. It really has the best soundtrack of any TV show. I’ve been annoying Natasha about watching it with me for some time… we’ll see if she agrees soon. 🌟

This ridgey-didge, ‘double-automatic’ Roache hand-dryer includes an illustrated demonstration of how to use the technology, featuring a lovingly adapted version of our national coat of arms. ‘What’s that, Skip? Your paws are wet?’ You’ll also notice that the logo is a bizarre rip-off of Porsche’s. This is Australia.

Greek-Italian time-lapse wedding dance video…

I always feel a sense of sadness and nostalgia when I see the old, abandoned monorail stations in Sydney.