Here’s a current view of how I arrange my Mac’s desktop and Home screens on iOS and iPadOS. On my site Lounge Ruminator, you can find a more detailed list of hardware, software and services that I use.

Mac mini (Late 2014)

I choose to hide my dock and highlight apps that are currently open and in use with John Siracusa’s app SwitchGlass.

iPhone 11 Pro

Ah yes… widgets! You won’t find any on my Home screen—only in the hidden widget view to the left. I tried a number of them in iOS 14 in small, medium and large formats and found that they only served to distract me. Although I appreciate the creativity that comes with new widget options (in function and layout), I believe that the original design of the iPhone’s Home screen is perfect as it is.

iPad Pro (10.5-inch)

Keeping things clean on my iPad Pro, I try to make things as Mac-like as possible and use a folder with all other apps in the dock for easy access (if not using Spotlight).

iPad mini 4

My iPad mini includes no social-networking apps and I use it only for reading RSS, books and email newsletters, along with Duolingo practice and occasional note-taking.

Martin Feld @martinfeld