These two make me extraordinarily happy when I return from work each day. They love it when I stick something on through the HomePod stereo pair and begin to chirp. 🎵🐤🐦🎶

Last night, I had the enormous pleasure of watching Australian comedian Anh Do at the Sydney Opera House with my wife, Natasha. Anh’s show, The Happiest Refugee was hilarious and touching, as he told his life story and shared details of his family’s tumultuous boat journey from Vietnam to Australia.

I am in no way nationalistic or patriotic, however sitting in such a beautiful venue and listening to this accomplished individual, I felt grateful to be living in a country such as this.

This is one of the stranger items that I have seen left on a lunch table at work.


I know that people tend to scoff whenever Apple tries to enforce desktop minimalism but I’m a big fan of the new desktop stacks feature. It’s really handy when exporting edited images for the Web. They just sit there neatly!

Could this be the best day ever? Who would have thought that my ATP pin and Mac mini for work would arrive at the same time? (Thank you to my sister Jodie for the pin.)

These dodgy, old light switches almost look like little birds peering out from gaps in a building.

The addition of categories is really fantastic. I’ve gone through all of my posts since joining last year and categorised them, which makes discovery easier in the archive. I’ll be making it a habit to categorise every post from now on. It’s a real advantage over Twitter.

There’s something a bit sad about making a chair in the shape of something that’s used for health and fitness, so that your rich child can sit down with her/his tablet.