The things that you spot in antique shops… here’s a gigantic map of the United States and southern Canada in German.

Depending on the angle, this is either a lovely, well-maintained and expansive lawn in front of a line of shops or a sad, little ‘parklet’.

Google’s disrespect for design standards in iOS is somewhat frustrating. Here’s a little example: the lack of title case in the app icon’s 3D Touch menu. Every other third-party app on my iPhone abides by this.

My wife, Natasha, was quite enthusiastic whilst collecting weeds for our guinea pigs. Fortunately, she had a 7-Eleven cup handy to collect and display the fresh garden produce before feeding it to them.

Weeds in a coffee cup

Watching Rage on a Saturday morning is about the most Australian thing that one can do, even if a lot of the content is (and has long been) American. RAAAAAAAAGE!!!

The corporate tendency to send instructions (for any given work process) in the form of verbose PowerPoint slides will never cease to enrage me.

On this day five years ago, I was drooling over a Mac Pro and Thunderbolt Display at the (now closed) Apple Carrousel du Louvre retail store. Ha!