Today was my first time ever riding a bicycle to work, since starting a new role back in my home city of Wollongong last year. It’s an unusual adjustment but I love the idea of depending less on a car and staying fit in the process.

Chinotto is one of my favourite beverages and whenever I have to explain to people what it is, they give me a very strange look.

It’s official: our budgies, Rogue and Rio, absolutely love Queen. So much chirping!

Being able to control playback and volume on my HomePods from my Apple Watch under `Now Playing’ is brilliant.

Wonderwalls in Port Kembla

Natasha and I had a wonderful time roaming the streets of Port Kembla during the 2019 Wonderwalls Festival. It’s fantastic to see artists in action, revitalising an area with rich military and industrial history. The city of Wollongong has benefited so much from this annual initiative. Keep coming back! 🙂

Paco and Coco are thoroughly enjoying fresh weeds in their inverted pigloos!