It has been some time since I wrote it but I decided to make my 2013 honours thesis ‘It Just Works’ available on Apple Books. This free ebook explores what it means to be an Apple fan. (It’s funny to see what has changed.)

My wonderful wife Natasha threw a surprise ‘bbirthday’ party for me with family and friends, along with a special Apple photo wall and six-colour jelly. Yes, she told everyone to wear black tops and jeans. ACA8961E-22BE-4721-AAE9-F503260CE119.jpg

Being a marketing communications person in a human resources department is a very interesting experience. It’s like speaking two different languages; in fact, it’s like two different planets.

Is it just me or is ‘dumpster fire’ one of the most overused, melodramatic terms on American tech podcasts and videos? It’s uttered frequently about iTunes in particular, when most users couldn’t care less about issues in the blogosphere. Sure, it’s a heavy app but it’s not a ‘dumpster fire’.

It’s amazing how much more motivated I am at work when I pull out my own iPad Pro to perform certain writing and design tasks.