Although I’m not a fan of Australia Day at all, I am very much looking forward to the long weekend.

Wear OS apparently isn’t in the best place right now. I shared some thoughts based on a recent article by Are Technica. Of course, the word ‘doomed’ was used, which is a journo favourite. Read more on Lounge Ruminator.

I work in marketing but something that annoys me about the field is its overuse of the word ‘essential’. Everything’s apparently essential these days and the App Store is often guilty of this. I can’t see how anything that involves Pikachu could possibly be as essential as water, food or oxygen. FE1D33DB-10AD-4C11-8099-FF7CEF0C5FBE.jpg

Looking over the Tasman Sea from Port Kembla (long exposure on iPhone 7 Plus) 1ED3E254-91CF-4C35-BAC7-9376C7037C6C.jpg

There just isn’t enough time each week to listen to all of my podcast subscriptions; work gets in the way…

For some time, Natasha has been concerned that late-night activity reminders on Apple Watch can be dangerous. ‘Why on Earth would it suggest for me to go for a walk so late at night?!’ She asserts that a safer (possibly indoor) alternative should be suggested instead.

I’m very jealous. Whilst I’ve been at work today, my wife Natasha (who still has holidays) has been spending lots of time with our guinea pigs. Here is Paco happily being fed corn by the spoonful.