Ah yes… on this day two years ago, I was thrilled to perform Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos in the intimate setting of the National Gallery of Macedonia in Skopje. The audience went wild.

The ability to assign shortcuts with text phrases for podcasts in iOS 12 is fantastic. I would often ask Siri to continue playing a certain episode but it wouldn’t always select the right one. It’s much easier to assign a natural custom phrase in the new system and have it just work!


I remember the early days of Instagram, when it was an iOS-only app for simple, filtered photography. Fast forward to the current day and it has become a (mostly) narcissistic cesspool that is cluttered with ads. Much of this ‘sponsored content’ is supposed to be tailored to our own personal interests.

I have included two ad examples from my own feed that show how crude and idiotic some of these algorithms must be. (1) I have spoken out online against Coles for caving to angry consumers and reintroducing free plastic bags. (2) I have also shared my dissatisfaction with Medibank’s customer service and then left shortly thereafter.

If such content targeting is based purely on mentions and interaction online, then it worked. Given that these were negative interactions, these ads ultimately fail.

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Say ‘hello’ to my deer friends! Even though they aren’t native, they are cute and welcome visitors in my backyard.

Back when I was working in Sydney, I often sat in a gigantic foyer in a building on Bligh Street. There were super-comfy chairs and it was interesting to watch all the frantic businesspeople racing past and zipping up and down floors in transparent lift shafts. This photo shows the exposed floors of the building from inside, looking upwards from ground level.

There’s a current fitness poster in my office building that includes an iPod Video in its design. For a moment, I had to check if it was still 2018. F7CBA6DE-828E-4A24-953B-701B68A9F231.jpg

According to the great activist and academic Raj Patel, capitalism began with the plough. Here he is presenting at Antitode in Sydney. Borat Sagdiyev’s obsession with this agricultural device during his ‘cultural learnings of America’ now makes even more sense.


Australian journalist Peter Greste interviewing Chelsea Manning via satellite at the Sydney Opera House as a part of Antidote, after she was refused entry by the Federal Government (eye roll)… this was quite an intense conversation.